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Thursday, May 20, 2010

H E A V Y Reading

Yesterday my coworker Susie and I were the two lucky ones that got to spend the day at lovely IKEA. The best part, there is no cell reception. 

Well, we decided since we were out there, why not get a few things for ourselves? In my previous post Fifth Floor Updates, I mentioned I would like to invest in a new bookcase to replace the white metal grid I've had since college. 

Because we had a car service and we wouldn't have to pay $100.00 for delivery I thought what the heck. So little ole Susie and myself spent four hours walking through the entire maze which is IKEA and ended up at the furniture pickup section waiting for our boxes. 

Finally after a good 30 minutes our number was called and of course, my box had to be the largest of them all. So large, and not to mention H E A V Y, we had to find a way to maneuver it in the car just to fit. But it fit, yay!

So they dropped me off at my apartment and the driver helped me unload the box into my front door. Susie looked at me and said, good luck. Did I mention I live five floors up? That is four sets of stairs. Well, with a box about one foot taller than myself and at least twice as heavy, that proved not to be an easy task. Luckily I had some help ;) Thanks Matt! 

Around midnight I finally finished filling all the shelves up with my almost daily expanding book collection. It looks great. 

Next on my list, matching dark wood hangers. Oh trust me, $4.34 for a bundle of eight, I was extremely tempted....

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