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Monday, May 17, 2010

How To: Have a Perfect NYC Spring Weekend: Hundred Acres

Apparently I have gotten pretty good at fitting a lot of fun things into two days. 

This weekend was a particularly full weekend. Last week we found out one of our best friends, Whitney, is being transferred to Dallas for work. Overall it is going to be great for Whitney. We are just having a hard time letting her go. So, in honor of her last weekend in New York City, we decided to make the most of it. 

Friday after work, Oliver and I met Emma for a nice walk along Fifth Avenue and over to Whitney's apartment where Kristen and Whitney were already in packing mode. After her "Things for Dallas Move" list was accomplished for the night we ordered some essential delivery and popped on season four of Dawson's Creek. A few times we had to pause for a mini fashion show of Whitney's Closet Give Aways, which I benefited from greatly. Thank you again Whitney. I'm even wearing one of your shirts today!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 7am and took "Bullet" (my bike) for a ride along the West Side Highway. I went up into Riverside park and rode all the way to 104th Street and back. The wind was insane. I got a great workout. It was a nice 14 miler. 

I went immediately home to shower, clean a little and meet the girls for brunch at Hundred Acres in SoHo. Sara had just gotten back from her week and a half trip to Peru and had goodies for us. Thank you Sara, that meant a lot! I love my scarf and bracelet. 

Hundred Acres is located on MacDougal between Prince and Houston. So, obviously it is only a 10 minute walk from my apartment. Because the weather is so wonderful outside, they had tables lined up outside the front with all of the doors open like the picture below. 

The front room was very open, airy and clean. It had a traditional feel with the bar counter a honed Carrera marble and white subway tiles which covered the walls around the bar and the green paint finish on the other walls. But they added contemporary pieces like the light fixtures, chairs, bar stools and art.

Sara and I sat at the bar and chatted until Whitney and Emma arrived. We caught up and I got a sneak peek on the details of her trip to Peru with three firefighters. Once our party arrived we were seated in the back room. They had some great photography on the walls. 

The back room was definitely more contemporary than the front room. But it still had the same airy, clean, serene vibe going on throughout the whole restaurant. 

By the time we ordered everyone was starving. Whitney and Sara both went for the bread pudding topped with poached eggs and spinach. They were kind enough to share. There was a savory sweet taste which went great with the egg and spinach.  

I don't see it on the menu below so I am sure the menu has been updated. I am not sure what other new items are not on the menu below. I have a feeling the Poached Eggs with Salmon has now been replaced with the dish Whitney and Sara had. 

Emma had a Salmon Scramble, which I don't see on the menu below either. It came with a massive side of cornbread that looked amazing. 

I had the burger (with no bun) and a side salad. The side salad had a lot of cabbage in it which was pretty bitter and disappointing.  The actual burger however, was great. 

Here are some of the dishes I wish I could have had! Mmmm don't they all look delicious! 

Of course we had to document our last Saturday brunch with Whitney in New York City. We are going to miss her very much. But, it just gives her more excuses to come back and visit! 

There were at least three other items on the menu I really wanted to try so you can bet I will be visiting Hundred Acres again soon! 

To be continued...

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