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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To: Have a Perfect NYC Spring Weekend: The Boat Basin


After a detour to Club Monaco, four tank tops richer, a pit stop at Bicycle Habitat to pick up Emma's new Linus roadster classic single speed sexual machinery, and a quick stop at my apartment to drop off the bike and pick up Oliver, we headed to the most perfect place anyone could have been on this amazing Saturday in New York City, The Riverside Park Boat Basin Cafe. 

Earlier that morning on my 14 miler, I rode through, yes I might have gotten slightly lost and made a detour which lead me directly through the Boat Basin Cafe. So, I already knew how to get there. We entered Riverside Park at 72nd Street and Riverside Drive and walked along the curvy tree covered paths which lead to the river and directly to the Boat Basin Cafe. 

This is where we ended up. Perfect right?

It was our friend Eric's 25th Birthday and he had invited a group of friends to help him celebrate. Happy Birthday again Eric! I hope your birthday was wonderful! 

We went straight to the bar and everyone ordered margaritas. Eventually we were seated on outside terrace overlooking the water. Emma and I had plans for dinner a little later and decided to pass on eating but everyone else ordered snacks and food.  

The Boat Basin Cafe and O'Neals' on the Upper West Side are owned by the same people and funny enough, I have been to both places now. O'Neals' was a few years ago and it was only a pit stop for a quick shot during a work shopping trip when my brother was in town visiting me and Jennie over the 4th of July. Boy that seems like such a long time ago! 

If you walk through the bar and out back you are in this circular lowered stone terrace which surrounds a fountain? I don't remember. The place was packed. Obviously we weren't the only people with this great idea! 

The bar is located in the covered area which has standing room for the bar and more seating. 

All of these pictures are from the Boat Basin Cafe's website. Here is a picture looking at the Hudson River from the front terrace during the sunset. 

Here is the same picture during daylight. 

This picture is looking at the Boat Basin Cafe from the water. 

This is the front terrace of the Boat Basin Cafe from the walking/bike path on the rivers edge in Riverside Park. This is where I ride my bike. 

The Boat Basin has multiple menus for multiple seasons and holidays. As you can see from the pictures, the entire restaurant is outdoors so dogs are welcome everywhere. There were a ton of dogs. Oliver had a great time getting all the attention a dog needs in a lifetime. 

Here is the full menu. 

I hope to spend many more spring and summer days at the Boat Basin Cafe enjoying the view, drinks and fun times with friends and Oliver. 

To be continued...

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