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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To: Have a Perfect NYC Spring Weekend: Epistrophy


After two hours of sun, drinks and fun with new Tulsa people, we headed to our previously mentioned dinner plans at Epistrophy

Epistrophy is one of my favorite neighborhood joints. The reason being, it can serve as multiple purposes.  I have been to Epistrophy for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, and just for a nibble. 

When we went for brunch it was amazing. Well, at least it looked amazing. I was with Sara and her friend Jeff who was in town visiting from Houston, TX. I was not hungry at the time so I just went along for the ride. I did have some of Sara's potatoes though and boy were they good.

Lunch and dinner were also great too. I mostly go for drinks and a nibble. They have one of the best meat, cheese and fruit platters in my area. It is the perfect place for drinks with friends or a date because the wine selection is pretty good and if you get hungry they have small, medium and large platters. Sara, Craig and I have been multiple times just for drinks and the meat and cheese platter. 

So, when we were trying to figure out a place to meet some friends in the SoHo / NoLita area, this was one of the first places that came to mind. We tried to get a reservation at Pulino's which is a new restaurant on Houston and Bowery but they were booked until 10:00pm. 

The Taglieri are the cheese and cold cut plates. As you can see there are multiple options depending on what you are in the mood for. The Tagliere de Terra is my favorite and actually the only one I have had. Along with the cheese and cold cuts, they give you three different bread/crackers, melons, oranges, grapes and olives. The large was a perfect portion for the five of us. 

Doesn't the pasta look mouth watering?

Just last week Epistrophy started serving liquor and mixed drinks. Because of this, they are not up to par on most original drinks like a normal vodka martini,  but the specialty ones we did have were very tasty. I had a martini called Epistrophy. Actually, I had two. 

Their small outdoor seating section is perfect for when I feel like meeting friends and bringing along Oliver. Actually Oliver has not been yet but I went a few times with Sadie. 

The interior has the Anthropologie Shaggy Chic vibe going on. The natural cracked concrete floor somehow seems to make the space more cozy. I love the eclectic antique furnishings. One of my favorite things is the mismatching chairs. I love that look. I also love the different styles of seatings. 

There are the smaller tables in the back with a mix of rectangular, square and circular tables. Then parallel to the bar there is the picnic table and up front along the windows there is a window seat and sofa seating section with a coffee table. 

Of course I am always a fan of the exposed brick. I love the old bookcase filled with chockies and books. It is hard to tell in the picture but some of the shelves on the bookcase have doors with chicken wire covering them. 

Epistrophy also showcases and sells local artist art which is displayed throughout on the walls. 

I love the use of the contemporary and industrial light fixtures and then this shabby chic wallpaper and WC entrance. 

The pictures are from the Epistrophy website therefore the composition matches perfectly with the vibe and concept of the restaurant. I thought I would share the next few artistic photographs. 

So on Saturday night, we all ordered a few rounds of cocktails and decided a cheese and cold cut platter was in our future. As I mentioned, the large was the perfect size for the five of us. It was a great mix of about five different meats and cheeses, three different bread/cracker options, melons, oranges, grapes and one or two different olives. 

This is a great place to talk and have a great time. It is not too loud but loud enough to where a group of five can causally have a good laugh and not feel like they are bothering the next table. 

Epistrophy is cash only so come prepared! 

This is totally my kind of place and I hope you can see why I love to share it with new and old friends. 

To be continued...

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