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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To: Have a Perfect NYC Spring Weekend: Jo's


After at least two and a half hours drinking, munching and chatting at Epistrophy we decided we would like to find another place for dinner. So we walked around the hood to find a non-crowded restaurant we could sit and eat right away. 

We did attempt walking around looking for a place to eat but, that quickly turned into sitting at a bar for another hour or so and having another cocktail. We tried Elizabeth but it was an hour wait so we walked across the street to another fairly new restaurant, Jo's

I am not sure exactly when Jo's opened but, I noticed it a few months ago while walking Oliver to the vet. 

I am not sure why we decided to stop for another drink rather than dinner but it just sounded like a good idea at the time. 

The dinner menu was small with not a lot of options. I think this is why we ended up changing venues when the time came to really decide on what to do for dinner. So, we did not end up having anything to eat. 

We relaxed at the bar and chatted for about an hour. The atmosphere in the bar area was perfect for the casual, dark and quite setting we were looking for. It was very appealing. 

The decor yet again follows the lines of most of the restaurants and bars I tend to lean towards. Mostly contemporary with a few traditional aspects like the marble bar counter and the wooden shelves to display the alcohol. I love the chalkboard paint on the walls. I think it give any place a homey cozy feel. 

Because we didn't stay for dinner we didn't actually venture back into the dining area of the restaurant. However, it seems very nice. I love the lit glass dividers between the booths in the center. It sort of has a rustic feel with the old antiqued hardwood floors and antler chandeliers. 

They carried the concept of the chalkboard into the dining area which is nice. The room looked dark from the bar so it seems like a very romantic spot for dinner. 

For someone who seems to take pictures like they're going out of style, I can't believe I only got two from the entire night. Also, for someone who is usually pretty good with a camera, I somehow managed, on the one picture I took of the night, to take a blurry one of Emma and Andrew. I'm blaming it on the alcohol. 

Apparently Emma has better camera skills because the one pic she took of the night, of me and Mike, turned out pretty great! Good job Toons! 

I'm sure sometime in the near future I will have the pleasure of dining at Jo's! Until then...

To be continued...

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