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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Standard Grill

It has been a terrible horrible no good very bad week and I have not been in the mood to blog at all. Plus I have been out of the office a lot and extremely busy. 

But, since it is Friday and the rain has subsided, at least for a little while, and I have had my sugar free Jello, I am in a better mood.

So, as promised, The Standard Grill. 

I think everyone has now heard of the Standard Hotel. Well you have to at least heard about the nude people scandal. The Standard Grill is the restaurant to the Standard Hotel. Hints the name. 

The Standard Hotel and Grill are located in the Meat Packing District. The Highline runs directly through the hotel. How is this you ask? Well, the hotel is built around the Highline. 

One of the really interesting eye pleasing concepts with the Standard Hotel and The Highline is that the almost look like one.  This is because they were built that way. The materials for both The Standard Hotel and The Highline are concrete, wood, metal and glass. 

The architecture of the hotel is very industrial and contemporary unlike the restaurant which has an eclectic vibe with a traditional concept and hints of modern accents.  

However, it is not located inside the hotel, but the main entrance is on Washington Street out in front of the hotel. You can also access the restaurant through the hotel as well.  

The front entrance is flanked by exterior seating on both sides. It was too cold to eat outside when we went but I would love to on my next visit. Yes, there will be a next visit.

The Standard Grill has quite the menus. Eight to be exact...Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Dessert, Wine List and Cocktail menu.   

We went for brunch. 

Both my Mom and Jen had the Eggs Benedict, Jeff had the Bacon Cheese Burger and I had the Waffles with Strawberry's.  We also got a Cobb Salad for the table. 

The Eggs Benedict must have been delicious because my Mom didn't even save me a bite. Usually when Mom and I eat Breakfast or Brunch, one gets a savory dish and one gets a sweet dish. They we split. This way we can each end with our choice of a savory or sweet bite.  Not this time. But I still shared my waffles. It was Mother's Day.

Jeff's burger was great too. He shared a bite. I loved the display of the burger. It came out on a wooden cutting board with a copper cup exploding with slim cut amazing French Fries. They could possibly be my new favorite fries. 

My waffles were of course delicious. They were thing but very large in diameter. They were definitely filling. The Cobb salad came out late, we think the server forgot to put the order in, so I brought it home for dinner. But it looked fantastic when it was fresh. It was one of the first dishes I noticed when we were waiting for our table. 

Since it was Mother's Day, the server gave Jen and my Mom miniature Coffee Cakes that were beautifully wrapped. Of course Mom let me keep it and I had it for dessert after my Cobb salad that night. 

Next time I go back, I would love to go for dinner and try a different menu. Brunch was extremely reasonably priced. I was almost in shock. The most expensive thing on the menu was, I believe, the steak for $28.00. 

From the looks of it the dinner menu doesn't look too bad either. There are a few more expensive main dishes but the rest of the menu is very reasonable.  

I love the fact that they have a "Late Night Dish" menu. Especially for the Meat Packing District, this is the way to go. There are always people out and about late in need of a snack. 

I am drooling at the mouth reading the dessert menu right now. Most of you should know why. Of course I already have picked out what I would like to try. Anyone care to take a guess? I can't take it...The Bourbon Bread Pudding. Sounds like a party in my mouth. 

When you enter The Standard Grill from their main entrance off of Washington Street, you enter into this beautifully serene large long room that almost has a beach vibe. It is very clean and bright. There is seating to your left and the bar with some bar seating and stools to your right. 

Everyone had a brunch cocktail in their hand. For how busy it was, it was pretty relaxing. I guess the atmosphere helped. 

ALL of the interior pictures are from The Gothamist

We sat in what I would call the "Main Dining Area" which was much more traditional, dim lit and basically expensive looking. There were a mix of leather booths and wood slat booths. The ceilings were covered in subway tiles in a herringbone pattern that arched between columns which supported beams that ran from one end to the other. 

One thing I did notice, only because we did have an eighteen month old with us, was the noise level.  It wasn't quite. Which was great for us just in case Ty had a little too much fun. The place was filled with families and children which was nice for us not to have to worry about making sure Ty behaved, which he did like a big boy! So proud! 

The place was quite big. I did not have a chance to really get a good look at everything. Apparently there is a bar looking into the kitchen where you can sit and eat as well. 

There are also some seating and lounging sections within the hotel that you can sit, relax and eat. How cool does it look! I love the concept and colors. 

The Standard Hotel and Grill is also known for it's Biergarten. The Biergarten is just outside the South side of the restaurant. You can access it through the hotel, restaurant or Washington Street. They have ping pong tables set up outside along with bar tables and stools and normal dining tables. There is also an exterior bar. It is located directly under The Highline. 

Here you can see the Hotel floating above the Highline which is the roof of one of the hotel lounge areas. 

The floors in the Main dining area are made of penny's! How cool is that. I can't believe I didn't notice this when we were there. 

Happy Mother's Day to Jen and Mom. 

How cute is he! 

Each table had a different breed of dog magnetic salt and pepper shakers. I thought they were cute. 

Mom and me posing under The Highline with The Standard Hotel and Grill in the background. 

My Mom and I had such a great time. I can't wait until she comes back to visit. Hopefully soon! By then I will have another list of new restaurants for us to try! That's the best part of this city! It's never ending! 

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