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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be Jeweled

Remember this?

You might have seen it before in my post Fifth Floor Updates
It is now the newest addition to my apartment. Another item crossed off of my "want" list. I guess technically this could have been on my "need" list as I did not have a jewelry box before. 

All of my jewelry was stored in a plastic shoe box. Can you believe that? Now that I think about it I can't. Four years with my jewelry in an ugly plastic clear and black shoe box.  

Well, that is not the case anymore. I am officially an owner of the stylish West Elm Medallion Jewelry box. The best part about it is it is exactly the one I wanted.  

Look how perfectly it fits in my new IKEA bookshelf! It couldn't have been a better fit.
The larger boxes are 10.25" W x 7.5" D x 5" H.  

Oliver, the little camera hog, just had to be in the picture. He would not stop posing so of course I could not stop snapping. 

The purple is currently on sale at West Elm for $59.99. The small boxes are unfortunately unavailable  but the larger boxes are. However, they are going quickly. The silver box was the last one at the Upper West Side West Elm. I guess that also helped spark the urge to purchase it. 

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