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Friday, June 18, 2010

Club Skib Midtown: The Original

As it is now summer, what would be a more 
appropriate topic than swimming pools?

My thoughts exactly. So, as we move on to a new year and a new summer I thought I would  remind myself of how lucky I have been. Lucky in the sense that if you don't have a swimming pool in your own backyard in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you're kind of nuts. It is insanely hot and humid in Tulsa and if you're not inside in the air conditioning, you're laying in or by the pool. 

Obviously, now I live in New York City and as the summer drew closer, the more depressed I got for the fact that I won't have a pool to relax by. Luckily, there is an ocean just a subway ride away. But, that subway ride is at least an hour and the trip to the beach is just as hectic as flying. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. 

Most of my friends know that my parents are now in the process of landscaping the exterior of their new home in downtown Tulsa to be known as Club Skib Downtown. Well, I thought it would be a good idea to show everyone where it all started from. 

My sophomore year of high school, my Mom and I went and saw an open house. This happened to be during my brothers spring break and Andy and Dad were off skiing in Taos, NM.  My Mom and I fell in love instantly and if you know my personality at all, I was giving her every reason in the book to buy it. Well, I guess it worked because the next thing I knew Mom was calling Dad, who happened to be in the perfect location at the bar with a cocktail, and said to him "Honey are you sitting down? Yes, Carol, what's this about? Well I just bought a house!" 

And that's how it all started....

Unfortunately, this amazing house didn't have a pool. Say what? 
So, the first thing my parents did was put in one amazing pool and Le Club Skib Midtown was founded. 

Oh how I miss this. Who wouldn't?

Because my parents have moved (again) their current residence in Downtown Tulsa does not have a pool either. I don't believe there currently is a swimming pool outside in Downtown Tulsa. Well, thats all about to change.

I got very comfortable laying next to a pool again during my Memorial Weekend in Tulsa. I think New York City needs more free pools. Sadly, my parents new pool wasn't the pool I was laying next to as the grand opening and celebration isn't until August. However, my amazing friends made it happen and I got to spend the majority of my vacation next to a pool. 

Club Skib Downtown Coming Soon.... 

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  1. That is a gorgeous pool. I had moved recent too and I had a pool in my backyard. But now I have to use the community pool in my complex. It's just not the same.