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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Hot Dog

On Sunday we spend some of the day at the new Dumbo Park Piers. It is a beautiful new park which is going to expand down to Atlantic Avenue below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. 

Unfortunately, since the park is so new, so are the trees and plants which leaves little shade. Everyone was huddled around the baby trees planted throughout the beautiful soft green lawn in search for any hint of shade possible. The other unfortunate thing is dogs are not allowed on this beautiful soft green lawn. So, we took some time to check out the amazing views of Manhattan while baking in the hot hot sun. 

I snapped some pictures of the great view...

...and then Oliver had had enough...

So we sat on the edge of the grass and took in the view and breeze until I decided we needed to make a trip to the local dog park to let Oliver play in the doggy pool. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Sunday! 

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