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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Race Results

I'm alive... least after a weekend of sleep and no bodily movement. My body is finally fully recovered and I am celebrating my first workout free night in a while. I worked out 10 times within the past 11 days and my body is definitely feeling it. Instead of training for this race I sort of crammed. It seemed to work. 

Here is my first race bib. The numbers are based off of your minutes per mile. As this was my first race, I expected the worst and entered a 10 minute mile pace. Because of this I was in the second to last corral and ended up passing people, which was very annoying, the entire race. Next time with my new and improved 8:43 minute mile pace, I can start a little closer. 

In the first corral were the Olympians and professionals. Isn't this a cool picture! There were 7,000 plus entries in the Mini 10K. What an exciting event for NYC and women. 

This picture kind of shows the amount of people. 

And the winner is...
Twenty year old Linet Masai from Kenya who crossed the finish line in an amazing 30:47. Holy cow! 

and 18 minutes later... Go JEN!

22 minutes later... Silvia looking so serious! 

and 24 minutes later... me about to pass out! 
Apparently they didn't get a picture of me running. Too bad. 

So, I placed 1,409 out of 7,000 some people. Not to shabby, eh? 
I even finished in under an hour at 54:04. 

We decided since it was my first race that we would snap a shot together looking all sweaty,accomplished, exhausted and excited. 

I saved my flower. 

We all went home, showered and met back up again for a celebratory brunch at Balthazar! Can't get much better than good food, good friends and the feeling of accomplishment! 

Balthazar is still probably one of my favorite brunch places. I think this comes from the fact that usually the first thing I do, see or hear ends up being my favorite and Balthazar is the first place in NYC that I had brunch. Especially since it was Silvia and Jen's first time there! How exciting! 

I always have the same thing. I usually go with my family or good friends and it just so happens that someone orders one of my two favorite things. This way, I always get a bite of each! It's just so good I can't help myself!

Silvia had the Sour Cream Hazelnut Waffles with fresh berries, which is one of my two favorite dishes. Of course she shared an entire quarter with me! I was so excited. It was that perfect little sweet that I am always craving. 

Because she ordered the waffles, I had my other favorite. The Eggs Benedict. I had forgotten how amazing this dish is. I was in heaven. 

The two healthy girls over on the other side of the table, kidding, had the Salad Nicoise. They said it was delicious.

Now I am in the race kick. Next weekend Emma, Sara, Spencer (I think) and I are running the 5K out in Coney Island. I am also thinking of doing a Biathlon in October! I'm sure you will read about it soon. 

I just wanted to thank Silvia and Jen again for making my first race so special and being the best support team there can be. Congratulations to both of you as well. I look forward to future races and bike rides. 

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