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Monday, June 14, 2010


The other day I was browsing design blogs and I started saving images which appealed to me. Then I went through them with my coworker Jennifer. Seeing that we have very similar taste and style, I knew she would love each and every image as much as me. 

While glancing at the images a second time with Jen, I noticed each and every picture had a similar look. Pretty much everything was cream, off white, beige or some sort of white along with some sort of black or brown accent being either the floor or a piece of furniture. 

I started laughing as I realized apparently I have a "type." Jen agreed. Then she said, I have a book I would like you to see. She brought the book for me to look at the next day. She was right. That book will be my next purchase and post. 

Here are some of the images that show the particular "type" I love! 

I believe I found most of the images from Plush Palate! I love her blog and as Crystal would say, I have a new blog crush!  I also learned about Global Atelier from Plush Palate, who I also love! So please go check out their blogs. They are very inspiring! 

Vicente Wolf: A self-taught master of soothing spaces, infused with global touches and unexpected pieces, Vicente's spaces are both elegant and livable.

Darryl Carter: Known for his use of gorgeous furniture against backdrops of white, Darryl's designs reference the old but are undoubtedly modern.

I love the Bertoia chair. It's great to mix in a modern chair with a traditional Living Room. Gives it just a little something extra...interest! 

I love the Cherner Chairs so much I purchased them for my parents Dining Room! 

All I can say is LOVE. 

I will, and you may quote me on this, have a door like that someday. 

So, do I have a type or what? 

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  1. Completely agree on the door, it's incredible.