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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If you have a back yard in New York City you are considered quite lucky. I obviously have no yard. Just a window. But, this just a window looks out to this... 

Yes, this is my back yard neighbors rooftop basketball court. Why haven't I mentioned this before? Well, I tend to forget about my one of a kind great view.  

While checking out blogs my my friend Lorri suggested (thank you Lorri) working I came across SixxDesign. It just so happens SixxDesign is a husband and wife couple who renovate buildings around the world with most of their focus on New York City. This couple just so happen to be the same couple who lives below this caged basketball court. Also known as my back yard neighbors. 

Well, SixxDesign, it is nice to finally meet you. 

I have heard all about you and your TV show 9 By Design which aired on Bravo in April. I have seen the interior photographs that were published in Cookie. I have even seen you walking around the neighborhood. But, besides from that, I knew nothing about you until now.

When I first moved to New York City, my neighbors, at the time, showed us the Cookie magazine. So of course we purchased it and brought it back to Oklahoma to show off my cool neighbors roof top basketball court. I'm sure if you have come to visit I have dragged you on the roof to check out my cool view. But, since then, I have grown accustom to it and seem to forget about it. 

Now seems like the perfect time to show everyone. 
So here it is (again)...

As I mentioned earlier, I came across the SixxDesign website. They have a great portfolio showing the properties they have renovated including their own homes. Here are some more detailed images of their home which are from their website.

What an amazing home. If you would like to see the other houses they have renovated, check out their website SixxDesign.

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