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Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birth Day Allison K. Alon

I have a new cousin! This makes two since technically I only have one real cousin. 
Yes, this is no lie. 

I can't be more happy for my cousin Eric and his finance Julie. I also can't wait to meet my new little adorable and beautiful cousin Allison. 

Sadly she lives in California and I won't be able to meet her as soon as I could hope. I guess this just means I have to take another trip to Cali this year. Oh what a rough life I live. 

Anyway...welcome to this world Allison (Allie, Alli, Ali...we need to figure out this whole nickname spelling asap).

Congratulations to your amazing parents, Eric and Julie! She is beautiful.
I think she kinda resembles me as a baby, no?

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