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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canvas Home Store

I have been lucky enough to get out of the office a lot recently to take some 
fabulous shopping trips. However, I have been unlucky enough to have to 
take these fabulous shopping trips in the hot and humid summer we are having 
here in this wonderful city. Thankfully, every store has air conditioning. 

Along with some new and more contemporary stores I have been visiting, I still 
always make time to visit some of my favorites like Ochre. I have bragged and 
bragged about Ochre before in a previous post and still love stopping by and 
pretending to furnish my own apartment. Oh the dream. 

This time, not only did I find some new pieces I loved in their newly rearranged 
shop, I also found out about a new collection called canvas. Of course it is very 
similar to the collection Ochre sells. What is different, is the line of linens, 
pillows and upholstered pieces they have. Along with the linens they also 
have a great line of furniture pieces. These furniture pieces are pretty much 
made up of metals and woods. Exactly what I love. How convenient. 

You can download the catalog off of their website. You can also request one 
by mail. If you love them as much as I do you can even become a fan and "like" 
them on facebook

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their current collection! 

How much would I love to replace my, as much as I do love it, new IKEA bookshelf with these awesome industrial metal modular units!

Or possibly this...

I have always loved their fabrics. Especially their quilts. They used to have a solid color quilt with a different color thread running the length. I will own one one day.

Their linens are amazing. We have used them here at MAC II to upholster sofas, chairs and even make pillows. They are made of great quality and care as they are hand woven and hand dyed. The colors are also great. 

You wouldn't think I would get away with a post without adding some sort of doggy accessory now would you? 

Oliver will one day have the luxury of sleeping in one of these beautifully hand crafted doggy beds. Only the top of the line linen for my adorable canine companion.  

Canvas also has a lovely line of ceramic dinner ware. I love these Dauville Gold-Brushed Bowls. I saw something slightly similar at the Renegade Craft Fair two summers ago and fell in love with them then. They were more decorative art pieces but still with the gold and white.  It only makes sense that I love something of a similar concept but instead of just being pretty, it can also be put to use. 

Of course everyone needs some beautifully crafted cutting boards, but they 
also serve another great purpose.... presents! Everyone loves presents. Most 
people love to entertain. So, how about some great cutting boards or if you 
get a little creative, cheese serving trays. 

I mostly love this chair because it looks like something I could curl up in with 
a great book and Oliver and take a long nap. Not to mention it is covered in 
their beautiful linen with a lovely pillow companion and alpaca throw. 

See above for comments on the sofa. Although, this sofa doesn't look as 
comfortable, it is a little more contemporary and mature with straighter lines 
and lacks the relaxed feel of the chair so you won't stay in it all day. I guess 
you can say it has a little more tailored look. I love it. 

I almost love the price more than the bed! But, what a great bed. 

Please contact them. 

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