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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Club Skib Downtown: Fireplace Cover

I promised updates so here I am keeping to that promise. Last week my parents
 called with exciting news. The custom metal fireplace cover had arrived and was 
being installed as we spoke. I couldn't wait to see pictures. Of course I pestered 
them all day until I finally got emails from both of them. 

Previously I mentioned the plaque above the back door that says Ethyl 
Corporation Testing Laboratory. There was no question about keeping the 
plaque as it tells so much history about the building. 

Therefore, my Dad came up with the clever idea of adding the name to the 
fireplace cover. It turned out great! 

I can't wait to visit Tulsa and see the finished product. You can believe I am 
counting down the days! Club Skib is going to have one exciting opening 

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