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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dennis Slootweg

While perusing blogs, mainly catching up with Apartment Therapy  I came across 
the website Dennis Slootweg. I found the furniture very interesting and incredible. 
These are not pieces you can just place anywhere but they are amazing and will 
totally stand out for where you can place them.

I love the images on their website...

...and I don't mind looking at men at work with dangerous tools!
Especially when I need a little break from the office!

I love the look of these cabinets, sideboards and display cases. 
How good would one look in an industrial loft. 
Or in a funky store.
Or in the Dining Room of a brick Art Deco family home in 
downtown Tulsa (hehe)?

I would love to put a piece like this in a bathroom. What a cool storage and medicine cabinet it could be. 

I also thought this was different. You seem so many of the same designs lately, I thought I would show something a little funkier. I can just see it... about six in a row over a long rectangular Dining Room table or how about hanging a different heights in the center?
Could be very interesting and funky. 

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