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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fatty 'Cue

Last night I was invited out to dinner with a good friend of mine from high 
school who happened to be in NYC on vacation for this week and weekend. 
I haven't seen him since 2008 and before that since 2003 when he graduated 
high school. 

When he first told me we were going to Williamsburg for a 9:00pm dinner I though 
to myself oh my gosh. Williamsburg at 9:00pm. There is no way I'm going. 
But, of course I went. How could I not. And, I don't know who is more glad that I 
went than myself. What a delicious and wonderful time. It was also great to hang 
out with a crowd from Tulsa who was also visiting.

The friend my friend is staying with actually works at the the restaurant they dragged 
took us to.  It turns out he is as much of a foodie as myself. We chit chatted about 
restaurants all night until it was time to go. He was explaining that Fatty 'Cue was 
an Asian BBQ restaurant with some of the best BBQ in NYC. He even compared 
it to Momofuku's, which I still haven't been to.  Soon though!  

When we first walked outside he said cab or subway. I think everyone laughed 
at  how quickly CAB came out of my loud mouth! So, we cabbed it to Williamsburg 
and finally ended up at our destination, Fatty 'Cue! We waited for a while so I had 
time to really talk to each and everyone one of my new friends. It was cool to hang 
out with people from Oklahoma and talk about Oklahoman things. 

The exterior of the restaurant was to me, a typical Brooklyn facade. I love the 
metal and glass windows and doors. They also have an exterior ally with seating 
for when the weather is nice (not lately). 

The interior was very industrial. Exposed brick, sometimes covered with painted 
ceiling tins. In some places they had retro wall paper and the art was very abstract. 
There were even windows that were closed and covered with metal shutters 
on the inside of the back dining area. It was really interesting. Charles said it 
reminded him of my parents house in some ways. 

And there is our wonderful host and my new foodie best friend!

Below is the room we dined in. Notice the lovely light fixture. Couldn't be more appropriate. To the right you can see the windows I previously mentioned along 
with the rusted tins on the back wall. 

One of my favorite things about the night was not having to order. I believe we 
pretty much had the entire menu but, there were ten of us. I especially loved 
the lamb and noodle dishes! So delicious, flavorful and spicy! The sauces topped 
off each and every entrĂ©e. 

I believe this is what we somewhat of this order...

Smoked Eggplant Nam Prik
Dragon pullman Toast
Lamb Ribs or Pork Spare Ribs

Celery Salad
Bowl of Noodles
'Cue Coriander Bacon
Lamb Shoulder
Smoked Blue Crab Soup
American Wagyu Brisket

Not sure what this is but looks delish.... probably for brunch! 

'Cue Coriander Bacon

Smoked Blue Crab Soup

Bowl of Noodles
Of course this was probably my favorite.

They also have a late night menu!

and a brunch menu...which I am supposed to try. I think I should start making a "supposed to try restaurant list."

You should know by now that I can't get out of a restaurant without getting 
a sweet nibble. Well I definitely got mine last night x 3. They had three amazing 
pies for dessert. My favorite was this one below. It is the Chocolate Peanut 
Butter Pretzel Pie. Mmmm. 

The other two pies were S'mores (to the left) and Root Beer Float (to the right). 

I found some articles about Fatty 'Cue's online at New York Times and 
GothamistAll I can say is this is one of those places Dad needs to visit. 
I guess this means he better start planning another trip! 

Thank you everyone for last night. It was absolutely wonderful and delicious! 

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