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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Palo Samko

My coworker Susie met Palo Samko at a Brooklyn design fair thing 
(her exact words). She was so excited to show us his website full amazing of 
hand crafted piece of furniture and images of Palo and his family. To this day, 
I still don't know which she was more excited to show us, his furniture or 
Palo himself. Both are very good looking. But, that's besides the point. 

His pieces have some similarity to Hudson Furniture and BDDW, both places 
I love, as they are hand crafted, cut, and carved from wood. However, some 
of his pieces have a little more of a Bungalow yet contemporary feel compared 
to BDDW and Hudson. 

Palo's pieces seem more personal and special. It might be the little sculptural 
details he adds like the feet of this dresser or his child's hand in an image below. 
Not to mention, a lot of his piece are made from salvaged wood which means 
each piece will never be exactly the same. Truly amazing craftsmanship. 


Here is another little detail which make his pieces so special. 

Palo was quoted saying he utilizes parts of wood that others may consider 
flawed — rather than working around the natural splitting and knots in the 
wood he showcases them. He is known to use different materials like metal 
butterfly joinery on splits for support. 

Each piece is hand made here in Brooklyn, NY. 

One day when I have space, or how about an actual dining room (even better) 
I will have this table. I love the beautiful construction of the legs and of 
course my favorite part, the actual top made of a tree trunk. These pieces are 
finished so simply and beautifully. They are so pure and natural. 

This piece is also one of my favorites. Of course I love the contrast between 
the white lacquered surround and the naturally stained wood doors. But, 
my favorite detail might be a little harder to see. Look closely at the metal 
drawer and cabinet pulls. That little touch just does it for me. 

How adorable is this children's play table? It is so simply constructed but has so 
much attitude. Safari Kid's Table was the perfect name! 

Again, the propeller detail on this floor lamp adds that little special detail 
which makes each piece feel more personal and unique. 

He also does custom built-in cabinetry and shelving. This is what I need in my 
apartment! Look at all that storage! Beautiful design and finish. 

Palo has also been published in many well known interior design magazines 
including Architectural Digest and Dwell. 

So if you are in New York City, visit Brooklyn and visit Palo Samko's shop. You will 
not be disappointed! 

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