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Thursday, July 29, 2010


On Monday night I dined at one of my (fairly) new neighborhood restaurants, 
Travertine! I love eating, as you all know, and I love trying out new restaurants 
in New York City. Especially if they are only four blocks from my apartment. 
But, we've had this conversation about my incredible ability of laziness 
convenience so onward...  

A few months ago, while walking Oliver, I noticed Travertine, which I believe 
had not opened yet. From the sleek exterior facade made up of none 
other than travertine, I figured this would be a place I would visit in my 
near future. 

It was late and I was hungry, cranky and tired from my back to back spin classes. 
It took some convincing to get me out but it was decided where we were going 
there was no way I couldn't say no. I had been wanting to eat here since I discovered 
this little gem. 

A few weeks ago a friend and I were "g-chatting" about the new restaurants in 
our hood. One which happened to be Travertine and the other Kenmare. 
The NY Times gave Kenmare a terrible review but we decided we would still 
give it a shot. Even if it was for their sliders, fries and dessert. During this 
chatting session, it was also the first time I visited the Travertine website and 
noticed the elegant and sleek interior along with the fact that the chef was 
also the chef at Babbo. I immediately decided I had to check it out soon ASAP. 

NY Mag had some great photos of the architecture and design. 

I also thought having the history of Kenmare Street on the website was intriguing 
and creative. This City hold so much history, which if discovered, is always entertaining and interesting. 

I love the combination of materials. However, I am not a huge fan of the green iridescent mosaics on the columns. But, the use of the brick, stone, glass, 
metal and wood is beautiful. 

The brick and steal beams bring back the good old New York City feel while 
the stone adds that hint of elegance. 

The metal and glass windows, which are also large doors, open up to the street. 
On a beautiful night, like the other night, they had them open and a slight 
breeze came through which make everything that much more perfect. 

It is the perfect "date" place as the atmosphere was quite, but not too quite, 
and just dark enough where the candle light is all you need. 

The menu is an Italian Mediterranean mix and had a nice selection of starters, 
pasta, fish and meats. Because it was so late, we opted out of a starter and 
went straight for the main course. 

After ninety minutes of spin, I needed protein and chose the Grilled Skirt Steak. 
It was the perfect portion.

I don't even have to tell you I had dessert because it is fairly obvious I will 
always. I debated between a few options and finally asked the server for his 
opinion. He suggested the Brioche Pudding, which was my first selection anyway. 
He said it is the most popular  and a perfect summer dessert. It was amazing. 
I had to remind myself to breathe between bites. I still think we ate it in 
record time. 

Travertine hosts private parties but I wanted to show the layout of the restaurant. 
You can get a better feel for the space. I wish every website did this! 

As I mentioned before, it is way too easily accessible for my own good, but it is also convenient for many others as there are subways all over the place. 

It was also nice to learn that Travertine sponsors the Carma Foundation. You can read more about it below or on their website. 

I'm ready to try a pasta dish. Any takers? 

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