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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oliver's 1st Birthday

Today is Oliver's 1st Birthday! 

So, what better than an obsessive photo homage dedicated to my little Oliver and his brother Amos on their 1st Birthday!

Don't worry, even though Amos lives in LA with his humans, he and Oliver will get to celebrate in a week from today together at Club Skib! 

This is the picture that did it all. 

The first time I met him. 

Being too adorable!

Before my surgery. 

After my surgery...being a good pillow warmer. 

Celebrating at the finish line of the Tulsa half marathon! 

As cute as the picture looks, Sadie scrambled away seconds after the picture was taken. She wasn't a fan. 

To show the extent of his Dumbo huge ears!

He loves toy baskets! 

A little too much! 

After his first walk on his first day in NYC. We went to Washington Square Park. 

Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree!

Enjoying some love and vino with the girls before a night out! 

His first snow experience. Sorry for the pink boots! It's all I had! 

Christmas in Tulsa with Annabelle and JJ!

Our Christmas Picture!

Playing and posing with his bro. 

Such a cuddlier. 

The pups with their humans!

Jennie got the boys Snuggies for Christmas! 

He loves to iChat with Grams, Gramps, Aunt, Uncle and Brother!

He also loves coming to MAC II with me! 

Visiting his bro in LA! I believe they were more interested in the In n Out burgers in our hands!

Chillin with Uncle Andy. 

Being too cool for school in Washington Square Park. 

Hanging out in the Hamptons at Auntie Jen's! 

Spoiled puppy in the Hamptons got his own special oriental rug to nap on.  

Snuggling with Auntie Jen in the Hamptons. 

No this was not staged. Yes it is adorable. Hamptons. 

Enjoying the pier in Sag Harbor. 

Picnic in Central park with the girls. 

Being too adorable. 

Visiting Grams and Gramps in Tulsa. 

Auntie Em spoils him! 

He loves to burrow. I tend to find him like this a lot. 

Sportin the mohawk at Bicycle Habitat while Auntie Jen got her bike set. 

Hanging out upstate at Vesco Ridge Vineyards

Sharing a little Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast!

Ice Cream at the $75,000 Grand Prix in Lake Placid. 

Once again, being too cute. 

Spending a wonderful Sunday on the Hudson Park Piers with the girls and one of his girlfriends Pia. 

Giving me some love! 

Oliver's First Day in NYC
(This is my way of trying to recreate the pictures of babies in their Pottery Barn My Anywhere Chairs for their monthly photo shoots.)

Oliver Today in NYC

Today we are having a puppy party to celebrate Oliver's 1st Birthday. I am sure this will include lots of treats, tummy rubs and sitting in laps all day. Not to mention, the occasional glass of wine and nibbles on cheese for the humans and of course a FaceTime visit with Jennie, Andy and Amos in LA! How could it not?


*Note: Please respect the privacy of me and my family by not stealing any of these photos for your own use or other websites. Thank you very much! 
Love, Oliver and Alexis *


  1. You boys are beautiful! I'm looking to get a doxi soon, do you know of a good place to go that you'd be willing to share? I live in New York. Thank you.

    On a side note, it's kind of sad that you have to tell people not to steal your pictures, that should be common decency and sadly it is not.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to your Oliver and his brother Amos ;) I was on holidays and missed the day, I am guessing your 1st was amazing, love all your pictures pup, hugs to you and hi to your mom.
    Regards, Carol Ann from Calgary, AB
    PS I'm a Aug baby too, just a bit older, lol