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Monday, August 9, 2010

Club Skib Downtown: Finishing Touches

On Friday I received this picture and finally let out my long awaited sigh. The awning is finished! Complete! Dunzo! Finite! 

Then I got the call, "He did it wrong." Of course? I mean when does anything go right? Let me tell you, when it does go right there is usually a miniature celebration because it hardly ever happens. 

The awning WAS supposed to be in two parts and meet in the center. This way you could park it evenly on either side to give it more of a symmetrical feel when it is open. Now it accumulates on one side and is extremely heavy to adjust, open and close. 

My parents decided to leave it up for now since the guy making it is as slow as molasses and even though he promises to have it complete before the Queen Bee, yes me, comes home, it most likely won't be. Therefore, my parents are playing it safe.  

So the good news is that there will be an awning for me to ooooh and awww at but the bad news is, once I leave, it will be taken down for probably another few weeks. 

On a happier note, as I mentioned before Carl Szafranski AKA Landscape God, and the fellow sub-contractors did one of the coolest thing anyone could do. They got my parents a present for being so wonderful. Yes you read that correctly. How amazing is that. 

About two weeks ago I was testing out sofas, yes that means sitting on them and seeing how comfortable they are (jealous?), and my phone rang. It was Carl. He needed me to do some recon work. Of course I was in. I love being sneaky! 

My parents have been talking about getting a small neon sign that says "Club Skib Downtown" and Carl thought it would be a great idea to surprise them. So, that night I called them and asked some questions about the sign, pulled as much information as I could get and called Carl back to spill the deets. 

Friday I got a call from my parents. They were so excited to tell me about this amazing gift from Carl and the other subs. Carl had brought over a mock up of the sign to show them. It was exactly what they wanted. My Mom made me get off the phone so she could go take a picture right then and there to show me.....

I can't wait to see it in person. Carl said he would push as hard as he could to get it done for the pool party. What an amazing gesture. 

Speaking of the pool party! Count down is only days away and everyone is getting excited. Especially my parents. They get their kids and grand puppies home together for the first time since Christmas. 

Because I'm a nerd and always do, I made an invitation to send out to friends! I thought I would share since it is pretty funny. Sorry Mom, I didn't have an action shot of ya! 

Everyone I could ever want is coming (besides my New York bests)! I can't wait to eat ribs, chicken, and the secret tasty treat we got for Jennie's Birthday! I'll leave you on that note but, how about a little hint...

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