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Monday, August 16, 2010

Club Skib Downtown: The Party

It is official, Club Skib Downtown is open! My family and I had a wonderful time celebrating with amazing friends, two legged and four legged, food and music!

(Photo by Jessica)

Before everyone came over, I decided to snap some shots while everything still looked pristine. I knew in an hour or so it could end up looking like the aftermath of a music festival. It ended up a little better than that but I am still glad I remembered to take some photos before. 

Skib & Son Audio did a great job hooking up the new exterior speakers, with a little help from the Yamaha customer service department. Apparently they are handier than we thought because, they also managed to stream their iTunes to the exterior speakers and control it with their iPhones. Pretty snazzy. Needless to say, between the two of them, we had some pretty rad tunes which included Crash Kings, Ryan Star, The Damnwells, and Civil Twilight

The umbrellas were a life saver because of the heat. If you weren't trying to get a tan but still wanted to hang out by the pool to chat, you could stay clear of UVA and UVB rays. Everyone took advantage of this and pretty much the whole day there were people sitting along the edge of the pool.  Another great concept was the chaise platforms on either side of the steps entering the pool. 

There are two ways you can use these. One, place the chaises on the platforms. This way you can be half submerged while getting a tan. Two, use them to sit on. They are great for kids as well. Most of the little kiddies hung out there all day. Half of the platform was also in the shade. This way if you are laying on a chaise your face is covered. 

And then there is the hot tub. The hot tub didn't get much use until the sun went down. Slowly everyone trickled up into the hot tub. Friends left and friends came and friends came back. Some with goodies...Coney's from Coney I-Lander! 

My brother has a snazzy iPhone app called AutoStitch that allows you to take panoramic photos. 

Also, I thought I would make everyone uber jealous with a video tour! Actually, this is just to remind me of how awesome it is and that one day I should and kick out the parents and move back! 

I just have to share the cutest little visitor Club Skib has ever had, with two legs!! Isn't she just adorable! Jessica and Kyle sure make pretty babies!

...Aunt Olivia with little sister Penny Lane! 

...and of course, the two cutest little four legged visitors! 

I spent 80% of my three days actually in the water. This is no joke. I forgot how much I love to swim. The best part, which I didn't realize until the middle of the party, is because the pool is a salt water pool, you can spend hours upon hours wading in the cool water. You don't turn into a prune! Honestly, I was in the pool for 10 straight hours! I could have stayed longer if I wasn't concerned with the legal issues my parents would face if their daughter actually fell asleep on a floaty and drowned from exhaustion of fun in the sun. 

Because we didn't want any accidents, we took all precautions...

He isn't the best swimmer. So, we thought we could help out. Not to mention the fact he's taken to walking on the floaty's while they're floating in the pool. 

I can't wait to go back and swim like a little fishy once more.  I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now, back to NYC, life and work! 

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