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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did You Just Say New Jersey?

I've had a pretty productive weekend so far. Yesterday I woke up bright and early to one of the most beautiful days in all of my NYC life. 

Thank goodness my prayers were answered because I was headed out in this beautiful weather on a 10K run with my Equinox clan. The run was beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a run can possibly get. We headed over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Brooklyn Heights, along the Promenade and back towards the bridge, adding in one unbelievably large and long hill in Dumbo, and finally back into the streets on Manhattan. It felt great to get out and run with a group of friends. I hope we do this more often. 

After the run I headed over to Jersey City, NJ to check out a friends rental property, give him some pointers and help paint the apartmetns. Wait..did I just say New Jersey? Yeah, I did. But, it wasn't as bad as I thought. The area was cleaner, newer and nicer than I had imagined. I think most people who live in Manhattan are scared to travel to NJ. Maybe scared is the wrong word. What's the point is more like it. Everything you could possibly need is at your reach here. 

Well, just over that little waterway, you get views like this...

and you're so much closer to her...

(Can the new iPhone take great photos or what!)

I had never been that close to the Statue of Liberty before. I'm not gonna lie, I had a little "New York Moment" going on. 

Because I had never explored Jersey before, he wanted to give me the local tour. We hit some really great places including Liberty State Park, which is where I snapped these shots. What a great park. I might have possibly made him park the car so I could take some pictures. He was nice enough to oblige. I mean, I was doing him a favor in the first place.

The best part of Jersey, rent prices! It is tempting, since the commute from the World Trade Center was only 6 minutes, literally. But, I'm pretty comfortable here in my little walk up on Mulberry Street. Even if it is the fifth floor up. 

*Note: I finally got the paint out of my hair!

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