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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NYC Nature Names

I have been extremely busy these past few months. Not just with work, but 
with my personal life as well. I have also been very blessed, so don't feel too 
sorry for me and my busy schedule. I'm by no means complaining. 

This morning I was frantically searching through my entire iPhoto library 
containing 10,000 (not to mention the 20,000 I have on my external hard drive!) plus pictures 
for one photo. I know right, one photo. Annoying. Exactly. Did I find it? No. 
But, I did come across something I haven't done in a long time. Something that 
I really enjoy doing. But, with other important events and life hiccups consuming 
my schedule, I have forgotten about the wonderful names made from photographs 
I took throughout New York City.  

I love giving gifts especially on birthdays and holidays however, living in New 
York City doesn't allow me to do it as much as possible. Therefore, I have to 
come up with a more creative way of giving gifts. I tend to think I'm pretty 
crafty and creative. Sometimes more than others. I know this idea isn't an 
original idea but because it is my own personal photography it seems to make 
it that much more special. 

Here are some of the gifts I have made for friends and family. 









Most of the photography and letters are from Central Park. However, I do make 
my way around the city on a daily basis so there are some random letters 
from LES, Chelsea, UES, Fifth Avenue, and Greenwich Village. 

If you're lucky enough, maybe you'll get one for your birthday or holiday! 
Or if you are interested in one let me know! I have letters in color, black and 
white, and sepia. I love to play around with the different colors to get as 
creative as I can. I've done initials, first names, last names, dog names, baby 
names, whatever people have requested. Be creative! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday! I will leave you with this image which 
makes me very happy! 

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