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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Purple Elephant Cake Boutique

Today would have been Sadie's 13th Birthday and in honor of her, what better than a post about something as sweet, adorable and delicious as her?

Happy Birthday Sadie. I love you and miss you!

Yesterday during our MAC II Goodbye Pizza party for our summer intern, Leah, I everyone decided we needed something sweet as a goodbye send off! This is when I learned about our new neighborhood cake boutique, which is probably not a good thing considering my sweet tooth cravings have escalated immensely over the past few months. 

I was prepared to grab a brownie from next door and call it a go. But, apparently everyone of my coworkers knew about this new little shop except for me. From the minute I heard cupcake I was in. Over the past few years cupcakes have made a tremendous come back and are basically the "it" thing. There is even a TV show called Cupcake Wars (which I will admit I watched for the first time this past lazy weekend).

We had to try it out! So Jen and I headed with cash in hand up ONE (it couldn't be more convenient, which isn't a good thing) block to our new adorable and tiny sweet factory, Purple Elephant Cake Boutique

Their daily menu includes the five cupcakes below and I believe a cupcake of the day which is from their Blackboard Specials. We sampled the Vanilla, Black & White and the Velvet & Lace aka Red Velvet. 

The Vanilla was your traditional Vanilla cupcake and was very good, the Black and White is a good spin off for our office because the Black & White Cookie is probably our all time favorite treat. But, the Velvet & Lace, OMG it was amazing. The cream cheese frosting was whipped and perfect. I might have mentioned I could eat a whole jar of just the frosting!

The Blackboard Special of the day yesterday was the Sweet 'N Salty. We got one to try. However, I can't wait for some of the others which include some of my all time sweet treats, Cookies & Cream, Choco Mint Divine and Tiramisu! 

The Sweet 'N Salty was good but I am not a huge Sweet 'N Salty mixture person. I usually like my sweets and salts separate. This is probably for the fact that I crave salty foods then of course I need something sweet to follow up. It would be a lot easier, cheaper and probably healthier if I could kill two birds with one stone but hey, nothing is ever that easy. 

(Holy Cow! I can't wait to try this one!)

(...Or this one...)

(...this one actually looks very interesting! I love Green Tea Ice Cream so you never know!)

(Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts so I am sure to love this one!)

They also do custom cakes and told us they would need a two days notice. This is good to know for coworkers birthdays * wink wink* 
I picked a couple of their custom cakes off of their website because I thought they were adorable and amazing. 

Obviously they do wedding cakes.

We finally get back to our office and display the delicious cupcakes for everyone to drool over.

Of course Leah, the celebratory girl, is excited! 

Just to make you jealous...

Of course I made her take the pictures and told her to look out for this post! 

Leah, thank you so much for all your help this summer. Good luck with your future and please keep in touch! 

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  1. Yeah, it worked. Made me jealous, some have all the luck.