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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Run Table Run

Actually, if you don't mind, I prefer you slow down so you don't miss this beautiful table runner I gave to my parents as an "I just think you're that cool so I thought I would give you a gift" present. Well, it was also a thank you for putting up with me and giving me everything I've ever cried my eyes out until I got wanted present. 

I hope at least some of you recognize this fabric by now as I have only mentioned it THREE times. Yes, it is my new found love which is an all natural material called Abaca. The fabric is handwoven in the Philippines and imported into the United States. It is woven in pieces that are 22" wide, which is perfect for a table runner but unfortunately difficult to use as an upholstery fabric. It is doable though! I specified the length I needed, seamed the ends and viola! A perfect table runner! 

I couldn't go any longer without owning it myself. Well, my parents owning it is basically the same thing as I will more than likely inherit their home one day. I mean come on, Andy can have the baby grand, the electronics and the CD's. I'm the interior designer, I should have the house and furniture right? It only makes complete sense. 

I have officially confirmed that this amazing, durable, beautiful fabric can be used multiple ways: headboard, bench and table runner. The best part, besides the fact that it is pleasing to the eye, is that it is completely G.R.E.E.N. 
(Great Reusable Environmental Ecological New way of life!!)

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