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Monday, August 2, 2010

Studio Roeper

I first learned about Studio Roeper when my coworker Jennifer asked me to 
Photoshop a small side table into a console. It turned out this small table was 
from Studio Roeper and they were going to customize a console for us. 
Unfortunately, after all the Photoshop-ing, the order did not go through. We 
were very sad because the console was beautiful, even if it was just 
Photoshop-ed on a piece of paper. 

Last week, I received an email from Studio Roeper and remembered how much
 I loved their work. So, I thought I would share. 

I love the introduction photography on the website so obviously, as always, 
I thought I would share. 

Here is the owner of Studio Roeper, Florian Roeper. 

They also have a shop cat! How cute! I love people who love animals. 

And now to what they do, hand crafted high end pieces of art with a combination 
of different metals and wood finishes. 

They also do something you don't see everyday, custom doors. I love doors. 
There are so many creative designs and option you can do to a door to make a 
room more special. Most of the time people don't concentrate on doors as much 
as they should. Especially since doors are one of the few items usually existing in 
a home or apartment when you purchase it. Not may people think of replacing 
them. They are a huge architectural element which can, if done properly, 
make a space

I love me some dining tables. Big, small, round, rectangular, square, oval, 
whatever you want! Obviously a dining table is the center focal point in a 
dining room and should make a statement. Therefore, I recommend if you are 
going to spend any money at all in the dining room, to spend it on a hand crafted 
piece of art like the ones below. 

Dining tables are typically a piece of furniture that can last you years and move 
on with you through new homes and even be passed down to your children. 
That is another reason I recommend you spend money on a quality piece. 

A beautiful coffee table is also important. I love the combined use of metal 
and wood throughout his designs. Some have a very industrial feel, some 
have a contemporary feel and some have an old fashioned drift wood feel. 
There is something of every kind of space! 

And of course they have small occasional and side tables. Again, they are very 
similar to the coffee tables. I will show a larger picture of my favorite side table 
later in the post. 

As previously mentioned, Studio Roeper is known for mixing  and matching 
wood and metal. These are their finishes, as shown on their website, of their 
wood and metal finish options. They have a great variety of dark and light 
woods with metal accent colors which work well with whichever wood 
finish you approve. 

I love metal finishes and thought I would share the larger view to show the detail.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from his collection. 

I also mentioned previously that we were talking to Studio Roeper about a custom 
piece. They encourage custom orders.

**UPDATE: August 28, 2013: I finally ordered my first Divided Lands II coffee table
for a Park Avenue Living Room in brass and it turned out UNBELIEVABLE! I'm still
in love with Studio Roeper!

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