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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Damnwells Doing Well

Two months ago my brother forwarded me an email from Pledge Music. The email contained information about a pledge for a private live concert at Rockwood Music Hall. 

The band: The Damnwells

One of my favorite bands. One of my brothers favorite bands. One of Jennie's favorite bands. One of my Dad's favorite bands. One of my Mom's favorite bands. You get the picture? 

Finally, last night, after what seemed like years of waiting, I got to see The Damnwells live, in person and upclose and personal.  They played at Stage 2 of Rockwood Music Hall, which is about twice the size of Stage 1. Still, the maximum capacity is about 100 people. It was a dream come true. My brother and Jennie get so extremely lucky with concerts and events I felt the need to rub it in every way possible. 

It was an amazing show. Alex played some older songs, one with just him and his guitar on stage completely acoustic with no amps or mics. The audience was completely silent and it was amazing. To rub it in even more, how about a video?

There was even a guest vocalist, Ari Hest! 

They played the complete new record in order the songs will appear. And yes, I do mean record. They are putting out an old skool record (at least that's what I thought he said, It could have been made up in my imagination from all of the excitement buzzing around my brain)! 

The record will have two sides with five songs on the front and I believe about the same on the back. I loved the entire set however, there is one song I particularly loved! It will be the last song on the front of the record! 

...and then some photos of the night! 

If anyone has the chance to see The Damnwell's live, please do. They really are awesome and I promise it will be a great show! 

To make my brother and Jennie happy, let's all try to get The Damnwells to play a show in LA. It shouldn't be too hard. They do live there now!  So everyone tweet away and let's make it happen and make my brother and Jennie happy!! 

On that note, here is my brother covering my favorite Damnwells song, Tonight & Forever! Enjoy!


  1. Great Pics...Would you allow Pledgemusic to use any of them in a Facebook post and in our Newsletter?

    Jayce Varden

  2. Jayce,

    Yes of course you can use them!

    Thank you!