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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Italy: Milan

I was only in Milan a day therefore I don't have as much to share as the rest of the cities.  
I will start off with my email to my friends and family...

Ciao friends and family!

I am alive and partially kicking! I am in Milan with Sara. I arrived by plane, then train and finally taxi. The commute was so much easier than expected. Plus, everything is in English which helped a lot. My taxi driver was great and I got to use my first Italian word, grazie!

London practically killed me. I arrived still sick. My 103.6 fever broke sometime during the flight. My parents were amazing at getting me a hotel and lots of drugs, most of which are gone now. I went straight to the hotel, which was in the airport, and slept for four hours, woke up, showered and went into the city to meet Sara and Matt for dinner.

Saturday Matt and Kevin, my French exchange student from 5th grade in Saginaw, lead me on a 10 hour tour of London. We went everywhere from Greenwich to Nottingham Hill and everything in between. That you will have to hear about later!

Sara and I had a delicious lunch in Milan at an outdoor sidewalk restaurant.  We also indulged in Tiramisu gelato and had a two hour much needed nap. We are planning dinner now.

I am taking lots of pictures which I will share with you when I get back. It's wonderful to have a friend here. Especially one you know so well and can deal with your coughing and nose blowing.

My cold has moved on to the the nose.  It doesn't seem to rest. It is either running or stuffing. We went to the farmicia today to get more medicine. Luckily, he spoke English and I hope the medicine works. The last thing I need is a coughing fit during the night caused by the annoying tickle in my throat from the nasal drip at a hostel, while sharing a room with people I don't know. Thankfully, I don't know them!

My train to Venice is tomorrow morning at 8:05. Milano Centrale Train Station is a 10 min taxi ride from the hotel. It's a 2 hour and 40 min train ride. Once I arrive at the Venezia St. Lucia Train Station I can either walk or take a vaporetto to the hostel. Not sure where the hotel is. Apparently it's the only map I forgot to print. Sorry mom and dad, the data roaming will have to go on for this one so I can use the map.

Sorry for the long email. I've just been too sick and busy to catch up. I will email again soon. Attached are some iPhone pictures from London.

Love you all!


So, as stated above, I arrived in Milan and met Sara outside the hotel. After all the modes of transportation, I decided a quick shower (in this case bath, since there was no shower?) was a smart idea. After I freshened up, we headed out into Milan. 

Our first stop was Piazza Duomo. The Duomo is one of the most impressive sites I have seen. It was absolutely beautiful. Day and night. If I haven't mentioned before, not only did I plan on being in the same city as the Pope twice but I also planned on being in three different cities during fashion week: New York, London and Milan. Half of the Piazza Duomo was taken up by a large runway with Times Square size screens mounted on the buildings all around. 

We stopped at a sidewalk cafe, the first one we saw, and decided it was lunch time before we started shopping. Technical word "shopping" because Sara was actually there "shopping" for work. I had the Tagliatelle Bolognese and Sara had a Pesto Pasta. After our casual and relaxing lunch we headed down fashion lane and shopped for the rest of the afternoon, making pit stops in every store we couldn't afford just for fun!

We worked our way back to the hotel, adding some Tiramisu gelato in on the way, and took a much needed two hour nap before heading back out onto the town for a mini panoramic photo shoot of the Duomo at night (see post: A Wee Bit Jet Lagged for said panoramic photo) and a pizza dinner. 

We both had to wake up early the next morning. Me to catch a train to Venice, Sara to fly back to the United States. That being said, it was a fairly early evening. But, a great one! 

I didn't get as many pictures in Milan than the other cities because I was literally only there 24 hours, 11 of which we slept. Here are some of my favorites! 

Until next time, Venice! 

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