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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Whirl Wind

I would like to start by saying I am sorry my Interior Design based blog has become so selfish and personal lately. I guess I feel the need to share my current life events as they have been well, quite eventful and very special to me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel a lot these past few weeks and if you keep up with me, you would know the traveling has just gotten started.

This past weekend, also known as Labor Day Weekend, my coworker and dear friend Susie got married in Lebanon. 
Ok, ok, Lebanon, New Jersey. Lebanon just sounded more exciting. 

I had an unusual, but special, attachment to this wedding. I believe it was the fact that I was here with her every week while she would sneak in wedding details between proposals and phone calls. I was a great partner in crime (patting myself on the back). 

Susie, who just so happens to be as much as an organizational and control freak as myself, dedicated her life to this wedding. You should have seen this wedding notebook and binder she created from day one. Not to mention the fact that she HANDMADE every single "Save the Date" and wedding invitation. Handmade people! Now that is dedication. 

She also purchased the flowers and handmade all the bouquets, boutonnieres and every table decoration from the burlap runners, table numbers, birch candle holders to the table floral arrangements.

The most special part of the wedding for me had to do with the most important element, the dress. I was there when she found the perfect dress. I went to every fitting for this perfect dress and was honored to be the one who helped this perfect bride into this perfect dress on her perfect day. I won't lie, I teared up. I'm a complete sap when it comes to seeing my friends, for the first time, in their wedding dress all dolled up.

On Saturday, Jen and I rented a car and drove an hour west of The City to Lebanon. We checked into our hotel (Which had snazzy wallpaper. See image below.) and headed over to the wedding festivities which commenced with a Hungarian skit and ended with a shot of Moonshine. What a great way to start the weekend! The only way to explain this potent perfectly clear liquid, the smell gave me goosebumps for a half hour. 

After the skit was over, we headed across the street to one of the most beautiful estates I have ever laid foot on. Acres after acre of beautiful rolling hills filled with vegetable gardens, sculpture gardens, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a horse barn filled with hundreds of equestrian ribbons and multiple houses. The views were to die for. 

By this time we were famished. Lucky for us, we got to partake in a very Hungarian feast which consisted of real homemade Goulash (Which I learned is actually a soup.) and a Sour Cream Casserole followed by none other than Hungarian pastries. Believe me, we needed a nap after that meal. 

Instead, Jen and I wandered the property and decided to take a nature walk through the woods. It was the perfect place to get more in tune with our "om shanti" and begin our detoxing for the weekend.

For dinner they fed us pounds of brisket that had been smoking in the grill all day, along with burgers, hot dogs, sausages, corn on the Cobb and homemade couscous. The grounds, lit by lanterns, were beautiful and breathtaking.  

On Sunday, Susie requested for us to be there by 1:00pm to be the head table decoration inspectors. As a fellow interior designer, I would want no one else inspecting my table decorations other than my good friend, coworker and interior designer. Plus, Susie and I are both a tad bit on the perfection side. I believe from an interior design point of view, we probably do know her the best in this department. So, we adjusted every napkin, silverware, glass and decoration to make sure it was perfect and headed back to the bridal suite.

After a bite to eat, a sip of champagne we had Susie in her dress and were headed out to where the ceremony was to take place. It was short, very sweet and to the point. Just the way I love it. After the ceremony, we headed off to indulge in oysters and champagne with the rest of the guests but not without first snapping some adorable photos of the bride and groom. 

Dinner shortly followed the cocktail hour. After our tummies were happily filled we invested in some interesting and exotic, yet entertaining, dancing. MAC II definitely started the party. The wedges were tossed to the side and the flats brought out from hibernation. I managed to slice my toe so well the whole sandal was covered with blood. This was my second self inflicted injury of the weekend. As you will soon learn, it was followed by a few more. The first was a lovely blister from the fancy wedges.

Of course I had to get one picture of me in the said wedges!

Jen and I had to head back to the city to return our rental car, by way of Brooklyn Heights to feed the cat. On the way to return the car and catch the Jitney, we managed to head the wrong direction on the Long Island Expressway. Being lazy, and tired, we decided it was a sign that was meant for us to drive ourselves ALL the way out to Montauk. So that my friends, is what we did. 

All to wake up for this...

I pretty much did this the whole next day...

We had a wonderful meal on Shelter Island at Sunset Beach.

And we got to see the sunset!

We also we managed to squeeze in this...

Horseback riding was a last minute decision and therefore my wardrobe was a little interesting. However, we had to stop in town to get some proper leg wear. Rain boots I could handle, shorts and a saddle, not so much. On the way to the store I clumsily tripped and stubbed my toe therefore, causing self inflicted wound #3 of the weekend. 

I picked up a hip pare of jeggins (jean leggings) and was ready for our horseback riding beach excursion!

Somehow, on the way back to the car, we managed to get side tracked and happened to find ourselves outside of this cute little boutique called *Share with... Montauk. The first thing I noticed, besides the handsome hunk behind the counter, were these beautiful scarves. I have a weakness for scarves. And then he opened his mouth. Apparently I have a weakness for accents too!

I believe I managed to ask him to be my date to Jen's wedding in Sweden next summer before asking him his name. Or even more importantly, if he was single. Jen, who still had some sort of self control and reality, cut me off before I could embarrass myself anymore. Thanks Jen! 

During our shopping spree, I managed to find more than one thing I needed wanted. Imagine that Mom and Dad! If there is one thing I'm good at, it's finding things I need want. It wasn't until I noticed these awesome sandals that I remembered my toe was still bleeding. 

I believe it went something like this:

Me: "Oh Jen, look at these sandals! Too bad I can't try them on."

Immediately after my pathetic babbling: "Why not?" 
(Which was not the sound of Jen's voice but this very cute mans voice from behind the counter.) 

Me: At this moment, I lost all ability to control my voice. I was even more concerned with what would come out of it after the situation earlier so, I casually and pathetically pointed to the boo boo on my toe. 

Before I realized what was happening, he had me seated on the love seat with my foot in his lap, cleaning my poor toe and then bandaging it up. 

I was the typical girl who couldn't do anything but smile and bat her eyelashes. I did manage however, to get a thank you out of my dropped mouth. It's a good thing I didn't lose all control. I probably would have been drooling. 

*Note: Sorry for the blood. 

Obviously, I bought the scarf. 
When he handed me my perfectly wrapped scarf, he also handed me his number. 
I totally did the nerdy jumping up and down dance when we got out of his sight. Ok not really but that's what my brain seemed like it was doing. 

I made Jen go back with me later to buy the perfume he suggested. The one I also absolutely needed wanted. Casual conversation led to dinner that evening. And dinner that evening led to... the perfect end to the perfect weekend. 

Jen and I hopped back on the Jitney and back to the City. I slept the whole way and had the most wonderful dream. Until I woke up and realized that it wasn't a dream at all. It was just an amazing weekend.

Before I passed out on the Jitney. 


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It does sound like the perfect end to the perfect weekend!!! Oh, and a perfect weekend too ;)

  2. That does sound like a wonderful weekend, very eventful. Hope your toes feel better.