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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Wee Bit Jet Lagged!

I feel like the only way I can sum up my trip to Europe is exhausting. 
It's over and I'm exhausted. 
Thinking is exhausting. 
Trying to sleep is exhausting. 
But, I'm not complaining here. Maybe a little. But, I'm exhausted!

I will not be doing anything for the next month besides cuddling with my little love bug who returns in three days.

Here are some of my favorite panoramic photos from each city! I took over 1,000 photos but, don't worry, I won't post them all. I'm too exhausted to even look at them. I woke up at 3am. Wide awake. Looked at all the pictures and finally fell back to sleep at 6am. Jet lagged? I think so. 

London, England

Milan, Italy

Venice, Italy

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy


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