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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dachshund Oktoberfest

I realize this post is called Dachshund Oktoberfest but I'm going to jump back a few months to start this one off...

In April, my Dad was in town visiting for a long weekend. My Mom had made plans to come for Mother's Day weekend with two of my other girlfriends Mom's. We all knew each other from Tulsa, and so did our Mom's. They decided what better than a Mom's Mother's Day Weekend. My Dad, thinking that wasn't fair, decided he needed to make a trip to New York City to visit me and Oliver as well. 

I totally took advantage of this situation. This meant, I got to try not four but eight new restaurants and see two Broadway shows instead of one! I made two pretty impressive itineraries, yes you know me and my itineraries. 

Dad's Itinerary:
Thursday: Balaboosta - You , Me, Amy and Silvia.
Friday: Bianca - You, Me, Craig, Charl and Sara.
Saturday:  Chin Chin - You, Me, Jen, Jeff, Ginnette and Ty.
Saturday: Broadway Show - Last Fall.
Sunday: Minetta Tavern - You and Me.
Sunday: Movie: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Saturday: Little Owl - You, Me and Emma.
Sunday: Murray's Bagel 

Mom's Itinerary:

Thursday: Tartinery NoLita - You, Me and Siliva.
Friday: Commerce - You and Me.
Saturday: Cookshop - You and Me.
Saturday: Broadway Show - Billy Elliot. 
Sunday: The Standard Grill - You, Me, Jen, Jeff and Ty.
Saturday: Blue Ribbon Bakery - You, Me, Emma, Emma's Mom, Whitney, and Whitney's Mom.

But, the itineraries are besides the point of this story. The point of the story is this...

When my Dad was visiting, I made plans for us to have brunch with my friend Emma. We had a wonderful brunch at Little Owl. Because we chose a restaurant that doesn't have outdoor seating, we couldn't bring Oliver. I felt bad when we then walked around for a few hours without my four legged companion. Emma and I decided we needed a little treat and stopped by Grey Dog Cafe on University for a Chai Tea Latte and the largest Oatmeal Rasin Cookie you could imagine. 

Since it was a beautiful day outside and we were so close to the park we headed over to Washington Square Park. Were we in for a big surprise or what! It just so happened to be the Dachshund Spring Fiesta. The park was filled with hundreds of smooth, long and wired haired Dachshunds of all colors, shapes and sizes. It was unbelievable. Emma, who is also a Doxie owner, my Dad and I were in Heave! We couldn't believe what we just happened upon. It was meant to be. 

Since the thought of taking a video didn't even cross my mind, I found this video on YouTube from the Spring Fiesta!

We couldn't believe Oliver wasn't with us. It was just that much too far to run home and get him so we stayed and played with all the other Doxies! 

So, to get to the point of the story, when my Mom was visiting last week, we woke up bright and early on Saturday and decided to take a morning stroll with Oliver and find a place to eat breakfast outside. I had never eaten at Grey Dog Cafe and knew you could order take out so we headed in the direction of Grey Dog Cafe on Carmine Street. Luckily they had a bench outside for us to sit with Oliver. My Mom had the Egg Croissant Sandwich which was huge and delicious. I had the Breakfast Quesadilla which was ahhhhmazing! We both couldn't finish either of our meals and decided to bring them along for a mid morning snack. 

We headed towards the Union Square Green Market making our way through Washington Square Park. As soon as we entered the park a man with an adorable mini wired hair Dachshund said oh are you early for Dachshund Day? My Mom and I looked at each other and said what? The guy said today at noon is Dachshund Day! I couldn't believe it. Not only did I happen upon it once with my Dad, who bragged and gloated to my Mom about Dachshund Day but now my Mom was going to be able to experience it first hand! 

I immediately called my Dad to tell him the strange coincidence! However, this time it was my Mom's turn to brag and gloat because our adorable little Dachshund was with us! My Dad was so jealous!  

We had about two hours to kill before heading back to Washington Square Park. We stopped at the Union Square Green Market and bought some baked goods to nibble on later. We also hit up some stores on Fifth Avenue. I made a killing at Anthropologie. I pretty much cleaned out all of Ella Moss's designs. I had to stop at Banana Republic just because. I found some great jeans! 

Then we headed back to the park to experience Dachshund Oktoberfest!! When we got there my Mom said, "I don't see any dachshunds"! I said "Mom, it's because you're looking in the wrong spot! Look down!" She said "Oh yeah! I forgot." It was pretty funny. Oliver was of course scared. It took him, never, to get over the hundreds of Dachshund sniffing, prodding, licking and pawing at him. He did manage to relax a little bit and was able to walk without tripping up my feet. 

After about thirty minutes of taking pictures, meeting and sniffing new friends, we headed to the benches to get off our feet and nibble on our baked goods. Emma, Kristen and Mike showed up and chatted for a little. About that time, Mom and I were spent and decided we needed a shower and a nap.  The three of us passed out after our exciting and eventful day at Dachshund Oktoberfest!


  1. How fun!!! I bet Oliver was the cutest dog there!!

  2. Aww loved the video of the little Doxies in costume!

    Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.