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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Giving Tree Teaser

Tomorrow I am headed upstate to celebrate my friend Dave's birthday in a very cool way. A big group of friends and our bikes are going to catch a train upstate and then ride ten miles to an apple orchard to spend a wonderful day picking beautiful crunchy, fresh and delicious apples from the giving trees. 

Then, I'm going to attempt to bake one of these...

This pie was baked by my collogue Susie. It was so delicious, I even ate some. If I haven't mentioned before, I'm not a big apple pie lover. That statement has since changed. It was amazing. I have now decided it is my turn to try to bake an apple pie. Wish me luck and I promise to let you know how it all turns out, with pictures too!

Have a great weekend friends! 

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