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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Giving Trees

Yesterday I went apple picking with some old friends and along the way made some new friends! It was all for that good lookin' fella below! Dave picked a great way to celebrate his fall birthday, good old fashion apple picking, donut eating, cider drinking, and a hay ride and antique fire truck ride! 

We met at Grand Central with our bikes and hopped on the hour and forty minute train to Poughkeepsie. Apparently Dave woke up late and made it by two minutes with everything including a book. I left in Alexis fashion, thirty minutes early, and still managed to forget my book. I did pretty well entertaining myself and my friends for the first hour. Then I gave up and looked at the pretty scenery for the final duration of the ride.

I was a little upset that I didn't bring Oliver after Dave mentioned that he could come. I felt bad for leaving him home for so long. Poor little spoiled pup. 

When we arrived in Poughkeepsie we made a pit stop for the caffeine feens, grabbed a bite to eat and headed towards our destination. It was an eleven mile exhausting uphill bike ride from the train station to Apple Hill Farm. Not to mention we were in everyday clothes including jeans and backpacks to carry back our juicy apples. I am not even going to mention how sweaty we were. I was not the least bit disappointed I didn't bring Oliver anymore. 

After an excruciating hour and a minor detour, we found ourselves sitting on this beautiful grassy knoll at Apple Hill Farm. We downed a half gallon of cider and had approximately four donuts each. 

I walked around the farm and snapped some fun fall fotos!

Pumpkin Patch:

Pumpkin Picking Begins September 25, 2010, Daily: 10am-5pm.By the last weekend of September our pumpkin patch is ready for picking. You can Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins and gourds right from our patch or off our many displays around our farmstand. We have large carving pumpkins; small sugar pumpkins for decorating and or baking; Cinderella and Snow White's pumpkin and many types of Indian Corn and Gourds.

Fire Truck Rides:

We have two fire trucks to choose from. One is stationary at the stand itself for the amusement and a great photo op for all. We have even had an occasional Bride and Groom stop by, but many take a yearly family photo.

In October on weekends only we have a fire truck ride up to our Pick-Your-Own besides our hayride. Children of all ages love to climb up into the back of the truck or ride in the front and blow the siren.

Once we were fat and happy we got to enjoy a beautiful hay ride up to the top of Apple Hill where we spent the better half of our day picking, eating, kicking, eating, picking, eating apples and sleeping in the sun on another grassy knoll. 

Hayrides Begin September 11, 2010. No charge. Weekends Only.Our hayride begins by the end of September and continues until Halloween. Many have enjoyed our hayride to the top of Apple Hill Farm, even our four legged friends (dogs may visit but must be on a leash). Once you are at the top you can see spectacular views of both the Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains.

Dave, the birthday boy, was so happy the entire day! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

Group photo on the hay ride! I'm guessing the sun was a little bright!

Did I say we went apple picking? I meant we went apple picking up off the ground-ing... 

I found the largest apple we had ever seen! Emma and I had to share it!

And then Dave had to kick it! 

Here is a list of their apple selection! I was a little bummed Honey Crisp wasn't on the list. 

Emily, Emma, Tess and myself! 

We laid around for a while to rest up for our eleven mile bike ride back to the train station. I was mentally preparing myself for this trek back carrying approximately twenty extra pounds. Ten of that on my back and ten of which was still trying to digest in my stomach! 

I was even more glad I didn't have Oliver at this point. Where would I have put my apples if the little pup was consuming the backpack! I guess he could have sat on top of them. But   on top of the ten pounds of apples and donuts in my stomach and the ten on my back, there would have been eight pounds of dog. As much as he would have loved roaming the fields, I don't think I could have done it! 

Luckily and practically since we rode uphill all the way here, for the most part, we rode downhill all the way back! It was a much more enjoyable ride! 

The train was there waiting for us when we arrived. We boarded as the annoying buzzer, meaning the doors were closing, sounded. 

All day Emma and I had planned on baking an apple pie when we got home. After a two hour train ride, a twenty two mile bike ride, an hour of apple picking and another two hour train ride, we didn't have enough brain cells or man power to put in the quality time we would have liked to make an impressive apple pie. Especially since it was our first time to bake one. We couldn't not bake anything though so we went for the warm apple crisp topped with some vanilla ice cream, which was very delicious! 

We both passed out full of apples! It was a fantastic fun fall day! 

Apple crisp and apple pie recipe to come! 

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  1. How fun!!! Wish there was something like that around here!! Great pictures too!!!