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Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday III

Happy Friday friends! 

This week I have spent probably a total of twelve hours at the Design & Decorating Building. Also known as the D&D Building or more well known as the Death & Disease Building. Just kidding.

It was more fun than usual this time because Oliver got to accompany me! The little pooch got more attention than a baby panda at a zoo. He is so spoiled! 

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces I found at John Rosselli and Rose Tarlow Melrose House's new showroom.

John Rosselli D&D Building

Manufacturer: John Rosselli
Model: Woven leather Arm Chair
Finish: Oak

Manufacturer: Paul Ferrante
Model: SoHo Table Lamp
Finish: Old Iron

Manufacturer: Paul Ferrante 
Model: Mondrian Coffee Table
Finish: Dutch metal Leaf 

Manufacturer: Lona
Model: Lumiere Console
Finish: Reverse Blue Painted Glass with Antique Bronze Frame and Hardware

Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Manufacturer: Rose Tarlow Melrose House
Model: Rising Moon Lounge Chair
Finish: Dark Walnut Stain

I have been playing with fabrics for days now and have finally come up with a scheme I would die love to use in my own Living Room.  As you can see, it fits in perfectly with my type-cast! I've added a hit of terracotta red into the mix as well! 

I hope everyone enjoys their long (for me at least) Columbus Day Holiday weekend!

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