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Friday, October 22, 2010

Internationally Infected

 This is the last time I will ever, in my life, complain about my trip to Europe. I know it sounds very bad when I say this but actually, I'm technically not complaining, more telling a true story. 

I realized I played "Tell" but never the "Show" part of my internationally infected hand story. I think it is time to complete my "Show and Tell!"

I mentioned I believe I was bitten by something, possibly a spider, my first night in Florence. Please refer to Italy: Florence for said story. The second night I slept a total of roughly three hours because of this annoyance in my right hand...

I apologize for my terrible excuse of a manicure. At this point it was the last thing on my mind. 

It is actually extremely hard to show in full detail how swollen my hand was. I'm pretty sure you can tell it's swollen for the most part. These photos were taken the next morning, after three hours of sleep. The swelling expanded to the entire back of my hand during this next day and I started to feel a tingling and itching feeling up my entire arm. That was an odd feeling. 

After a little over forty eight hours, I went to a pharmacy and graciously paid nine euros for  an antibiotic ointment which made my life so much happier! Twenty four hours later the magical cream started to work and the swelling was definitely going down. Thank goodness! If it hadn't have helped, my Dad would have sent me straight to a hospital once the plane wheels hit the ground!  

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