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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making up for Lost NYC Time

Welcome Home to Me!

Most of you who read my blog regularly know about my fantastic Europe trip. 
For those of you who don't, too bad, but welcome!

After a night of unrestful sleep, I got back into the groove. I dropped off my laundry and dry cleaning, went to the grocery store and purchased the entire stock. You see, I have been gone for the better part of ooooh a month and because of my worldly travels, I didn't buy food for ooooh a month. I was down to water and chicken stock. I carried fifth pounds of fresh and delicious looking groceries to the fifth floor up and decided it was the perfect time to clean my fridge. Yes, I mean literally clean. Like scrub. So I did and then I loaded it back up with my fresh food. I also organized my pantry! 

I quickly dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed my bathroom and then cooked my favorite and famous delicious breakfast which consists of a tortilla, chili, cheese, fried eggs, salsa, sour cream and slices of guac. I sat at my little French marble top table and went through my mail and paid my bills. I then precoded to read all of my personal and work emails until I was utterly bored to which I headed out on the beautiful streets of SoHo.

You would think after walking around for two weeks I would have been sick of walking around. Oh no my friends! I walked forever! Then I met one of my best friends, Silvia, and we headed to D.U.M.B.O for the Arts Festival. Some of Silvia's other friends and Emma met up with us. We spent the afternoon wandering the festival and listening to great music. 

Emma and I were hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat. The last thing I wanted to Italian. So, we went for Mexican. My phone found The Loading Dock, which I have been wanting to try for ages and kissed my phone a big fat thank you for reminding me. I had the largest burrito and side of rice! There was so much food I brought the rest home for my first day back to work lunch!

I slept well that night. Only waking up for one hour between 5-6am. 

That Wednesday, my beloved Oliver arrived back in New York City in the arms of my Mother! I was so excited to see him them! Yes, of course I was excited to see you too Mom!

We had a busy rest of the week eating at some restaurants I've been wanting to try for the four years I've lived here but never managed to. One which includes The Stanton Social, Grey Dog Cafe (I've been before for treats and latte's but never a meal) and the one which I was most excited about, Clinton St. Baking Company! The only thing I've heard about Clinton Street Baking Company, besides from the fact that they are like the brunch God, is the horror story of actually trying to get a table. 

In preparation of this impossible task, I looked up what time they opened on Sunday morning. 9:00am. We woke up bright and early, walked the little pooch and headed out to the Lower East Side. We arrived at Clinton St. Baking Company at 9:10am. There were already people standing outside. As predicted, a 45 minute wait. 

We decided to walk around the LES and grab a cup of coffee. Down and across the street a little ways was Atlas. We popped in to take a peek. It was adorable, cute, cozy and perfect. 

Mom ordered a nonfat latte with Splenda and I had my signature Chai Tea Latte. The barista making our drinks was friendly and funny. He even made a heart in the top of Mom's latte. When I said I have to take a picture he said no that's not a good one, let me make another! 

I thought this picture was cool and wanted to share. 

After a short ten minute wait outside, we were seated in the cute little two top in the front window. 

The place was cute. There was a little hint of a diner feel on the right side of the space but on the left side, they had some exposed brick and some cute little homey decorations. The baked goods were located in the perfect spot, right smack dab in front of the entrance when you walk in. Immediately I decided on sweet verses savory. 

The adorable couple behind Clinton St. Baking company. 

I was excited to see that they had new extended hours on Sundays! 

Clinton Street Baking Company is located on Clinton Street just South of Houston. About two buildings in. You can't miss the line of people waiting outside. 

I also love the concept of Pancake Month! Who wouldn't? I love to see how many more ways you can make pancakes delicious! 

It's probably not a good thing that I discovered their bakery. However, on a positive note, for me at least, it's not a convent walk for me. Therefore, I will probably only indulge when I am in the Lower East Side on a weekend if I just so happen to pass by. Which doesn't happen often. If it did, I would probably already have eaten there by now. 

Because I went for sweet over savory, I missed out on the chance to try one of Neil's famous biscuits! You better believe this won't happen again. 

There were so many items on the menu that I took second, third and even four glances at before making my big decision.  Because I went sweet, Mom decided to go savory. We figured we would each sneak a few bites from the other. That's always the case. 

I went for the famous Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Butter. 

Mom choose the Spanish Scramble. 

The pancakes were delicious. Fluffy, filling and sweet! However, being born and breed the granddaughter and niece of Sanger's Sugar House, I wanted some real maple syrup to go with those amazing pancakes! That is the one and only negative thing I have to say about Clinton Street Baking Company. 

My Mom's Spanish Scramble was the perfect savory treat to go as a side to my pancakes. There were huge hunks of sausages, piles of melted cheese over the top of the entire plate and the most delicious potatoes I've ever had. They had these crispy bits throughout that were just so buttery, crunchy and probably more calories than my whole plate of pancakes! But I didn't care! Mom was in town! That's like a vacation for me! 

Next time I'm having this. 

Clinton St. Baking Company has a postcard section on their website that displays all of their advertising postcards. I thought they were great and decided everyone needed to see them.  

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