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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretty Pictures

I used to keep a folder stuffed full of magazine clippings, internet print-outs and photocopies from books in my desk drawer. Low and behold, I forgot about it. I never look in folders anymore because that is so last decade. These days, my photos or print screen photos are saved into a nice fancy folder on my computer which can be organized anyway I want with just one click of a button. 

I have started saving hundreds of my favorite designs, rooms, furniture and concepts that inspire me in this fancy folder. It is so easily accessible I use it on an hourly basis for work and fifth floor up! I felt it was time that I share some of my favorite rooms! 

I love the contrast of the black lacquered bookcases against the white. I also love the walls of bookcases. As a novice collector, I hope to someday have a room like this all to fabulous collection of books! I also love this desk!  

I am not sure I could live here on a daily basis but I wouldn't mind having a little house out in the mountains or Hamptons that resembled this exactly. I love the industrial pendants in the quaint little rustic room. I also love this bed. It seems so warm and inviting. That could also have something to do with the fact that I am currently on the verge of falling asleep at my desk. 

When I look through magazines, books or casually browse the internet, I always hear you're not even looking at the images at the speed you're going! Well, au contraire mon frere! I have this other unnatural ability to look at something and scan the entire image with my eyes before some can even tell you the color of the sofa. 

When I first saw this image of Herve Van Der Straeten's Parisian apartment, which was photographed by Simon Watsonthe piece that stood out immediately was the coffee table. This coffee table happens to be one of my "All Time Favorites!!" The rest of the room is not particularly my style however, I had to share because of the coffee table and boy does it make a statement!

I first saw this coffee table in my "All Time Favorite" showroom, Ralph Pucci! It was love at first sight. Of course, it was Herve Van Der Straeten and I knew immediately it would be an extremely short relationship. He is probably the most expensive designer in all of this out of the world showroom.  I knew that this love affair would have to end the moment I left so, I stood and stared for a little longer than I probably should have. 

This exquisitely beautiful table is supported by a chiseled Pear Wood that also runs through the pristine parchment top in a "T" shape. 

I love the contemporary stainless steel use of appliances in this traditional rustic kitchen. It looks like the counters are a honed dark stone which is a nice finishing touch for this kitchen. I also love the use of French doors what I am assuming is the exterior. I would love to have a kitchen one day where I can enjoy an early morning breakfast while having a light breeze blow in through open French doors! 

The white wash floors are something that took me a little time to get used to. I now love the look especially here where it adds a sort of serene feeling to this large open space. The contrast between the natural wood beams adds a hint of color. The light also highlights and shades the wood which gives the space more depth. 

I love open spaces. If I had the option to have a large open loft or a space with rooms, I would definitely choose the large open loft!

This space photographs as art with the contrast between the light and dark textures.  

How cozy does this space look. I could curl up here with a book, cup of tea and Oliver for hours on end. 

I love the coziness the vaulted ceiling brings to this room. The beams also add interest for the eye. The long large sofa that runs the length of the room is also an attractive feature in this space. Again, the white wash floors and walls makes the room look like a perfect place to kick back and relax. 

Even though most of the images are rustic and antique, I still love contemporary and new just as much, and possibly even more.  Recently, the antique linen look has come into full effect. Everywhere I go, including Crate & Barrel, is now upholstering their pieces in an antique linen look. MAC II has been into this look for years and it has taken me a while to catch on. But, now I absolutely love it. 

For instance, these corner sectionals are upholstered in this so called antique linen. It adds a nice combination to this newer renovated home. It makes the room warmer without being too messy, which is easy to do. I am a dark hard wood floor girl and I love these shiny new floors in this practically white and beige room. 


  1. Okay Alexis, I see how it is. Your blog is either going to make me hungry, or want to buy all new furniture and/or move. This probably means your blog is bad for me.

    (Don't worry... I'm not going anywhere. ;) )

  2. Elle- PlainpinkangelOctober 15, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    Beautiful textures and ambiances! I love the loft style best as well. I love the antique looks as well! I would love to live in some of these surroundings! Beautiful pictures! Thank you!