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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tacombi @ Fonda NoLita

Two Sundays ago while walking Oliver around the hood, actually the same Sunday I stalked Ballato's, I found myself a little more North than usual. It was such a beautiful day and I was in a walking mood. I think Oliver was confused. Usually we don't leave our square block. I've got him trained! 

I turned south on Elizabeth Street from Houston and stopped dead in my tracks. I'm pretty sure what I saw would make anyone want to stop and take a sneak peek. I would have stopped to check it out if I didn't have the dog and more importantly some cash on hand. Like I mentioned before, we never venture that far on our walks. 

Being the foodie that I am, I snapped some shots of the interior and name to share with friends. I wanted to remember what it was called so I could tell everyone about this cool new taco joint in the hood.  

Yes it's true, I'm terrible with names. I could describe to you what street it was on, the cross streets it is between, how many buildings into the block it's located, details of the full facade and interior but not by any means remember the name of the place. At least I know my weaknesses. So, here it is... Tacombi!

I was so disappointed I didn't have any cash on me. At that moment a breakfast burrito was the one and only thing I needed. I decided I was going to visit very soon and I knew the perfect people to take. 

This week I have two of my good friends visiting. I'm in the process of persuading them to move here therefore I am taking them to the coolest places int he city. This was at the top of my list as well so I was excited too. Not only was it new and cheap, there is a VW Van inside. I didn't have to say anymore. I got em at VW Van inside.  

This cash only taco stand has a really cool concept. However, if they get too popular I might be scared to go. Basically here's the deal: 

All the tacos are the same price. 
They recommend you start with three. 
You line up and order how many tacos you want and your drink. 
You pay and they give you tickets you hand to the taco-ista (like barista?).
Then you stand in line (which took a while and there were only four people) at the VW Van to order your tacos from their Lunch/Dinner Menu...

As the meat eater I am, I ordered the three meaty tacos, in English, as my Spanish is a little rusty. I'm just kidding. I speak a total of four words in Spanish, mi culo es rojo! Don't ask. 

I believe between the four of us we tried the whole menu. We even met a new friend, John, who also was dining here for the first time. I think we all agreed they were pretty darn tasty. 

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Rajas Poblanas con Maiz Dulce (Vegetarian) 

Puerco Asado 

Barbacoa NorteƱa ala Sancez

Frijoles Y Queso (Vegetarian)

Rajas Poblanas con Maiz Dulce (Vegetarian)

Pollo Locochon Estilo Jalapa

Breakfast Tacos

I will be back for breakfast tacos soon. Spanish breakfasts are my all time top favorite dishes. 

They also had some fancy Spanish teas. I believe Emma tried one which she said was awesome. 

The concept is great. The big thing these days are food on the go like taco trucks. So why not a taco VW? 

The interior design is great for the concept. Very industrial with the concrete floors, industrial lights, high ceilings with the exposed HVAC, and the game tables as dining tables. 

It is a very relaxed and fun atmosphere to go and eat cheap yet delicious tacos and chill with friends. However, I don't recommend for a first date. They were a little messy and hard to eat. I highly recommend having the onions on the tacos which would also be a no no on a first date! But, it is a fun place that I will visit again. 

Emma with her tacos!

Corey with his tacos!

Britt with her tacos!


  1. OMG-that looks delish!! What a cool place, definitely on my list when I ever come back & visit!!

  2. Those breakfast tacos look fantastic! I'm envying you the food options of NYC (here in Arizona, Mexican food is not our forte, but we will take y'all two falls out of three on pizza).