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Friday, October 22, 2010

Travel Treats

I couldn't find any fun, handmade, crafty, cute, "had to buy" gifts for my friends and family. I was so disappointed (I really promise this will be the last thing I complain about from my Europe trip). However, In Greenwich, I did happen upon this canvas doxie bag by denise and dudley, which I had to buy for myself and Jennie. No need to explain why. 

Denise and Dudley had some great home and wearable accessories! I highly recommend you check them out and follow them on Twitter!!

In Florence I found the perfect little gift for my brother, a real Italian handmade notebook.

One day that little black and green checkered book is going to be worth a lot of dough. Ya know why? Anyone care to take a gander? 

To top it off, I found the most adorable doxie London gift card from Denise and Dudley. I bought two. One to send to the clan in LA with their travel treats, and one to keep for myself and possibly frame! I've got to keep the creativity flowing! 

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  1. I'll take a stab at the notebook question. It'll be filled with all the awesome, world-famous songs he wrote.

    Either that, or it'll be filled with all sorts of interesting stories about being part of the biggest band in the world.

    I'd better start saving my money now. Otherwise I'll never have enough to be the highest bidder. :)