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Monday, November 8, 2010

apizz (ah-BEETS)

Is it really Monday already? 
I had a wonderful, busy, but somehow relaxing weekend and I'm not ready for it to be over at all.  It went by way too fast and since it is Monday, I'm obviously tired. Who isn't tired on Mondays? I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Like most weekends, I ate at a few new restaurants. That makes two restaurants I got to check off on my "To Eat At" list. They were both fabulous! 

Jen and I mad dinner plans for Friday evening. We had been planning on going to Bianca since it is our all time favorite restaurant, and she had not been in a while. We gave it a shot, but the wait was too long and we were grumpy hungry. Plus, I had just been there the weekend before. Of course. 

We had our mind set on Italian, which seems like the only cuisine I eat these days, and I remembered Mike telling me about his favorite Italian restaurant. We were fairly close and decided something new was a good idea. So, we started South from NoHo to the Lower East Side. 

Apizz is located, and almost hidden, on Eldridge with the closest cross street being Stanton. The exterior is nothing special, which almost makes this fabulous spot even more special. 

New York Magazine

Once you walk inside, you feel like you've entered some secret underground New York hot spot! It had the feeling of an underground la cave du vin. Or as we would call it in the United States, a wine cellar. It just sounds more fabulous in French. 

New York Magazine

There was an open kitchen located in the back of the restaurant, which was filled with a beautiful and intriguing display of oils, fruits, vegetables, spices, wines, sauces, pots and pans and serving dishes which neatly surrounded a beautiful exposed brick oven. 

New York Magazine

You could also watch the chefs prep the dishes! 

As we were out for a casual dinner, we decided to sit at the bar and dine. The bar was located in the back of the restaurant to the right of the open kitchen. 

It was a beautiful wood bar surrounded by bottles and bottles of wines, liquors, and wine glasses. One of the first details that caught my eye was the diffused lighting around the wood slat ceiling. It was a very calm and romantic setting. 

New York Magazine

The crowd was a nice mix of mature and good looking thirty year olds. Mostly couples, as I did mention it was a tad bit on the romantic side, however, in the bar there was a nice group of girlfriends enjoying cocktails and casually gossiping. 

Immediately after we sat down and expressed we would like to dine at the bar, the server brought us their bread basket which included ricotta cheese and a tomato sauce. It was so delicious Jen had two pieces! 

We both knew at this point, that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and figured sharing an entrée would be best because we each wanted different salads. This turned out to be a very smart idea as the salads were huge! 

Jen, being the seafood lover she is, ordered the Insalata di Polpo salad with warm octopus. 

I stuck with your  more traditional Insalata di Formaggio. 

Both of the salads were very fresh, filling and delicious. The couple sitting next to us ordered the Spinach salad which also looked amazing. 

Our entrée took a little bit longer to decide upon than the salads. We kept going back and forth between the Gnocchi con Fagu di Carne and the Lasagna Cinghiale. Both sounded absolutely mouth watering. We needed help. Exactly at the same time we were bouncing the two dishes back and forth, Mike texted me "BTW the Wild Boar Lasagna and Short Rib Gnocchi are excellant." So we asked which dish he preferred. Before he responded, the server had requested the Gnocchi so, that is indeed what we went with. 

I am sure the Lasagna is fabulous but the Gnocchi was explosive. I believe my first bite ended something like Oooh myyy goossssh Jen you have to try this right away before there is nothing left. We mmmmmed and ahhhhed throughout the entire meal. 

Next time there won't be any question on which dish I am going to try. It will be the Lasagna and I am positive I will love it just as much as the Gnocchi. 

Neither of us had room in our tummies for dessert however, right now I'm thinking the Gatto di Formaggio sounds pretty fantastic! 

Apizz also has a downstairs dining room which we didn't visit. There really as no point that night. I am sure it is just a beautiful as the upstairs. 

This is one restaurant I will definitely be taking the parents to when they come to New York City next! Everything was perfect and delicious! 


  1. You can add that to the list for my next visit!! Looks so yummy! I want your salad now!!!

  2. Elle - Pinkplainangel (twitter)November 9, 2010 at 12:10 AM

    This definately makes me want to visit New York and indulge in all these great restaurants! This made me hungry for Italian food! My mouth is watering reading this as it sounds so delicious! Thanks for great pics to go with the description! :)