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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cafe Gitane: Jane Hotel

Two Saturdays ago, after surviving an excruciatingly tough spin class with Hilary Swank, I enjoyed a delightful brunch with some of New York City's finest Tulsa girls at Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel. 

I have heard rumors about Cafe Gitane for months now but have only been lucky enough to have experienced it's sister restaurant, Cafe Gitan, in NoLita. However, that was a few years ago. The years that I am currently in the process of forgetting so with that said, I don't remember too much except for the fact that the food was great and the place was adorable. I have also indulged in their delivery menu with another one of my SoHo friends located within their delivery area. Also fantastic. 

So, when my parents told me of another Tulsan who skedaddled to New York City, I immediately made contact. It just so happened, actually not so much since Tulsa is quite small, she knew two of my best friends here and we all though brunch was the perfect place for us to reconnect and get to know each other. So, that we did and we did it well.

I sent out an email, since that is the typical and most common way to make plans with people in this city, with a few options of brunch places. We all had heard how great Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel was and decided it would be perfect. I mean it did win New York Magazine's Best Brunch in the 2010 Best of New York Awards

The Jane Hotel

Besides from the fact that the Jane Hotel is completely on the opposite side of the Island from where I typically hang out and by the time I got there I was practically sweating through my shirt, the place was adorable, casual, cozy yet sophisticated. 

The weather in New York City this time of year is very unusual. It almost seems like it can't decide if it is supposed to be getting cold or if it wants to stay warm for a few more weeks. Therefore, the air conditioning in all buildings and subway cars is completely screwed up. Every other block you are undressing then redressing, depending on the suns location and how high or low the buildings are. Is this just me or is this a common problem? 

Abbey, who states she is allergic to gyms, volunteered to arrive a little early to add our name to the much anticipated wait list since reservations are not accepted. Once we all arrived we were seated immediately. Thank you Abbey for your thoughtful gesture and allergy to gyms. 

 The Jane Hotel

Cafe Gitane, as I previously stated is adorable. It is a wonderful space that is bright, cheerful and comfortable. The black and white checkered stone floor is a great contrast to the light seafoam colored walls and lime green leather stool and seat cushions. 

The high ceilings are a great architectural detail that is harder to find in the older NYC buildings and the French inspired decor adds the charm. 

I love the lime green leather seat cushions on the bar stools. It almost reminds me of an old fashion ice cream parlor with the natural oak carved paneled bar and carerra marble counter. 


How adorable is this little Venetian inspired sofa enclosed by the wonderful arches on the North end of the restaurant. I also love the patterned wallpaper inside. 

To top it off, if the wait is unbearably long, you can always indulge in a game of foozball! If we had not been seated immediately, I would have been tempted. Foozball and I go way back! Ask Andy! 


The menu is an unusual but wonderful mix of African, Moroccan and French dishes along with some of your more ordinary items. The three of us went with a great variety from the menu showing many of the different flavors and cuisines. 

I was in the mood for breakfast and went one of the two baked eggs options on the menu. My baked eggs with basil, tomatoes and cream was fantastic. I felt my body was fatigued lacking protein from the intense spin class and decided a side of sausage would help revive my energy. At least it was a good excuse. 

Nina had the Moroccan couscous with red peppers, raisins, and toasted pine nuts. Our table neighbor was enjoying this dish while we were politely and quietly observing the menu. Once we realized how delicious it looked, our politeness seemed to fade as we were practically hanging over our table to get a better look trying to figure out which item on the menu it was. 

What a presentation huh?

Abbey went health freak. I mean the fruit salad and granola looked fresh, fruity and fab, but I needed some hard core breakfast food. However, now I would sure love a big bowl of fresh fruit and berries. 

Cafe Gitane is know for their avocado toast which I am ashamed to admit none of us tried. One day I will venture back to the West side and on that day, I will try this famous avocado toast.  

It was wonderful to brunch with my Tulsa girls and I can't wait to try a new fabulous place soon! 


  1. What a cute place & the food looks delish!

  2. I have a few things to say about this.

    A) A gym allergy is a real thing. (although when I just googled "gym allergy" your blog came up as the first result. hmm.)

    B) I ordered fruit because it was the cheapest thing on the menu. AND because y'all made me feel all... unhealthy... by going and spinning for 2 hours with Hilary Skinny before coming to see me. You may have worked off those 2 eggs over easy. I, however, slept til 11 and took the bus to the restaurant and worked off the equivalent of a celery stick. So. I needed fruit.

    C) That is all

    Love Cafe Gitane!