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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Another fun filled food weekend for me over here in the Big Apple. Britt and Corey suggested pizza and I thought what better than L'asso. You can get New York Style pizza anywhere. It might not be as good but, it's still pizza. L'asso is special and delicious and only three blocks from the apartment. 

I found the images online at New York Magazine 

I was first introduced to L'asso by my old neighbors Jen and Jeff, just like all of my favorite fabulous restaurants. Jeff was part owner in a video game company who knew how to celebrate a game release. I'm talking ping pong, music, video games (duh) open bar and L'asso pizza. Not to mention card board cut out characters...

Ooohh flashback...

(Circa Summer 2007. Jennie don't hate me!)

When friends visit they expect your typical New York pizza. I like pizza but I don't love it. It is typically not something I crave. When I do have pizza it is rare and usually only during our MAC II pizza parties. However, if this one in a year craving comes along, I order in L'asso. This year was my first time to actually sit down in the actual restaurant. Emma and I crashed the Bicycle Habitat party, where we both purchased our sexy two wheeled machines, and decided to hit up L'asso

I knew the food was delicious and was recently told by my friend Jen, that their salad was the best she's ever had, and knew the place was cozy and cute so L'asso is where we went.  They were not disappointed at all.

A little excerpt about L'asso from their site...

Proudly sitting on the corner of Mott Street and Kenmare at the southern end of Nolita, L’asso has become the area’s newest beloved neighborhood restaurant. L’asso (“the ace” in Italian) continues to receive accolades for its thin-crusted pizza, which adheres to strict traditional Italian standards.
Along with weekly new pizza creations, the menu also includes unique pasta, salads, and appetizer specials – as well as the city’s finest “legal” pizza.

Favorites include Pizza al Tartufo (Portobello mushroom pesto, cheese, fresh rosemary, and truffle oil), Pizza San Daniele (prosciutto san daniele, mozzarella, arugula, parmigiano, and olive oil), and the wildly popular Margherita DOC, a pie so rich in history, a law was recently passed defining the proper way to prepare it.

Britt ordered the Bufalina D.O.C and I ordered the Mela. I wanted them to try something that wasn't your typical pizza and L'asso is great for that. Their thin crust not too crispy pizza is great for sharing. We split a large half and half and only had a few pieces left to take home in a doggy bag which I believe Corey finished it off after we walked in the door. 

The Mela is topped with mozzarella gorgonzola apples, asparagus and truffle oil. When I first moved to New York this would have been the last thing on the menu I would have ordered. I probably wouldn't have even looked twice at it. These days, I look for unusual dishes. I love trying to ideas and love sharing with with people who I know love food as much as I do. 

The pizza was of course out of this world and we all had such happy and full stomachs we went home, put on a movie and passed out. We had to rest up for our fully scheduled Halloween weekend a head of us! 

192 Mott Street @ Kenmare
Open 7 days a week.
Sun-Wed: 11:30am – 11:30pm
Thurs-Sat: 11:30am – 3:am
open late on weekends for slices, beer and cocktails.
Slices all day 2.50
special slices 3.00 all day
Saturday and Sunday Brunch from 11-4pm
$20 = unlimited cocktailes, brunch item and coffee.
$15 = cocktail, coffee and brunch item.
Lunch Delivery Monday-Friday starting at 12pm




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  1. Yum!! I know what I want for lunch now, although that pizza looks better than any here!!!