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Monday, November 15, 2010

Leather Link Hammock

I apologize for my sudden absence and lack of bloggage. I guess that's what happens when you enter the real world and have a big girl job. I am working on a very contemporary and exciting project in SoHo at the moment and it is consuming most of my time, including weekends! Eeeks! 

Today we spent hours upon hours furniture shopping with the client. Our day started at my all time favorite New York City showroom, Ralph Pucci. I could have furnished the whole apartment in an hour but we figured we should probably give them some other showroom options. 

I have a favorite piece that I thought I would never be able to persuade a client into purchasing. In fact, I'm not even sure where I would use it in most projects. But,that wasn't the case today. I didn't even have to show them the piece. When I found them, they were already lounging on it while looking at the furniture plan trying to find the perfect spot for it in their apartment. What is it that I refer to you might ask? Well my friends, it is this....

The Leather Link Hammock by Jim Zivic. The hammock is described perfectly within it's name. The base support is made up of leather links which Jim Zivic so creatively fashioned after a metal working link system. I forgot the exact story as I was in such aww of what I was watching. And, we did find the perfect spot for it! Overlooking the streets of SoHo and their brand new fireplace! 

Of couse I want one. But, if I can't have one, at least someone I know will. 

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