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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monochromatic Medley

Browsing the internet, which includes Interior Design blogs, is something fun and interesting that is included and encouraged in my day to day curriculum. Not only is it a great resource and exercise for me for work, it is also a great personal tool. 

One day I will have a beautiful home. My taste and style might change by then but, it will still be amazing. If I could do it right now, it would look like this monochromatic medley below. 

Maybe not to everyone, but for me, what I love most is how warm and cozy this very stark, white and crisp home looks. Many people don't like too much white because It gives a very institutionalized hospital feel, especially with the industrial light fixtures, which I love by the way. But, when you add the warm grey's, deep blacks and warm chocolates along with the different fuzzy and cozy textures it makes a house a home. One that I could curl up in everyday. 

This room inspires me and makes me want to use my creativity. I could sit on this sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and draw or paint for days. This room glows with the bright light.

* LOVE *

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