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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Goin' Girly

Obviously I am a girl but besides from that and my girlish features, what is there about me that is truly girly? For instance, I don't like pink, I'm not much of a purple person either, I hate ruffles and embroidery, anything that is floral (for the most part), my closet consists of black, grey's of all shades, browns, whites, and navy blues and it takes me for the most part 30 minutes to get ready to go out.  Yes, that includes everything from the shower to getting dressed. And, if you remember from a previous post a fabric scheme for my fantasy Living Room was also pretty pale. 

This morning during my routine recovery from last night, and possible minor melt down after realizing I forgot my phone at home (for the second time this year - hints to lasts nights fun) I started in on my mourning morning rituals. Thinking long and hard about them this morning it started off with, push button to turn on computer. You get the picture.  Procrastinating in the mornings is something I do best so reading blog posts with a hot cup of tea is what I went for.

Google reader, for me, is the best invention. I have all of my favorite blog subscriptions at the push of a button. The first post I read this morning, Color Me Pretty: Merry + Bright by Leslie from decor8,  really caught my eye. For a very unusual reason too. It was really pink and purple and really girly! I felt it only appropriate to show my girly side and share some of the photos that made my girly side come out!

Very appropriate for my morning. If only I could be surrounded by such pretty accessories and decorations. 

Have I mentioned Christmas is coming up? My birthday isn't too far behind. This is how I would like my presents wrapped friends and family! I always find pictures of how I like things are much more beneficial. 

Leslie says "I use tape to quilt together pretty scraps of paper to make a larger piece of paper to then wrap presents with. The process does not take very long and I like the effect after a simple ribbon is added. It is a nice way to use gorgeous bits that may have otherwise gone in the trash."

I hope this helps everyone add a little girliness into their lives!


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm about as girly as you ;)

    You will need to repost closer to your birthday so I can get the appropriate wrapping paper :)

  2. Another non-girly girl over here. My mom tried to force me into girliness (is that a word? lol) but she was unsuccessful. It just takes way too much time and effort to be girly. I don't have the patience to stand in front of a mirror for an hour fixing my hair and makeup.