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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Harper Blynn = Love Affair

Yesterday I was a whirl wind of mania bouncing all over this city. But before I get into details I need to thank Jesselyn, Roxy and Oscar for taking such good care of my little love bug! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! 

Work has been insane with the holidays coming and going. Everyone wants everything now! Also, Amy has put a minor cramp in my schedule by moving my favorite Tuesday night spin class over to the Equinox Greenwich location. I only have access to the SoHo Equinox. However, I was lucky enough to receive a guest pass to Greenwich last night! I had to head straight to Greenwich from work. Talk about out of the way! The spin class was of course incredibly hard and amazing!

I showered and dressed in record time in order to head over to the Lower East Side for a celebration and concert. It was Mike's birthday yesterday! He had a little shindig at one of my favorite basement bars in all of NYC, Home Sweet Home. I love the dark dangerous and spontaneous feel you get when you walk down those metal stairs into this awesome dive.  Happy Birthday(again)

(Apparently our photo skills weren't quite up to par last night hints the blurry photo!)

In between the birthday celebration and the after hour birthday celebration, I had to make time for my favorite New York City based band, Harper Blynn. I get all giddy just talking about them. Me and my girls are in love. I might even have them on repeat right now at work. Harper Blynn has a December residency at my all time favorite NYC music venue, Rockwood Music Hall. Which I have previously mentioned is an easy breezy walk from my pad. 

I love all of their songs. Of course I do have my favorites like Models/Dancers and This Is It (I've been pressuring Amy to play this one in spin)! Their originals are my favorites by far however I do have to mention their amazing and fantastic cover of Beyonce's Halo. I absolutely love their arrangement. The entire room is bouncing off the walls, jumping up and down singing. It is just an amazing experience to be surround by your best friends, favorite nyc venue and favorite nyc band. Life at that moment just seems perfect. 

I finally came to my sense last night and pulled out the iPhone to capture this blessed moment. Thank goodness I did because they the band keeps threatening that this will be the last time they cover the song and I am also sad to say I will be on a plane headed to Tulsa during their final show of this residency. So, without further ado, Harper Blynn covering Halo! 


  1. LEX!!! Great catch. This video is amazing and it still doesn't even do this experience justice. Remember that time I met up with y'all to watch HB for TWO songs and ended up staying for the entire set? This made me miss you all so much. Maybe I can make it back up to NY just one more time before New Years :)

  2. HB on tuesday was an amazing show and I'm glad I dragged myself out of the apartment to join in the fun. Sorry I couldn't stay out until the wee hours of the morning with you after the at HSH, sounds like it was a blast! Another time, another time :) -xo

  3. I am glad you had an extra fun night!! I loved hearing all about it!! ;)