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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Levi's® Photo Workshop

Dad Warning: If you are my father please do not read below post.  

A few weekends ago I was Christmas shopping with my friend Jen. Of course my Christmas shopping consists of me visiting all of my favorite stores hoping not to come across something that I want need. During this lovely Saturday outing, we were discussing what we were getting our family members for this wonderful holiday. 

At this time, I knew what my Dad wanted because he wasn't shy of letting me know. As I was describing to her what I was going to do, she mentioned if I'd heard of the Levi's Photo Workshop in SoHo. With a curious look on my face I responded "No, but please do share!"

So this week, or weekend, I am going to head on over to check it out with my USB drive in hand to print some of my favorite photos to frame for my Dad for Christmas. Ok, so I am not completely spoiling my Dad's Christmas present. As I previously mentioned he already requested some of my photography. Actually he requested a particular photo and if he is lucky enough he might just get it! 

Depending on my mood, he might even get a shirt with a photo of my cute smiling face! Actually, maybe I'll slap Oliver on one. I think he'd get a kick out of that one!

 I hope everyone, if in NYC, has the chance to check it out! What a great idea and concept! It's not everyday something as cool and shockingly FREE (not everything but I did hear there are a lot of fun free finds) comes to SoHo! 

The Levi's Photo Workshop ends December 18th. 

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