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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Marlow & Son's & Daughter's

This past month I've taken up running. Not just your leisurely stroll around the block. I'm talkin' some hard core running, sweat included. Some possible panting and sharp pains towards the end are a positive. I put full blame on Emma. It's her fault. But I also thank her because if it wasn't for her I would never do it. 

Last Sunday was a big run for us and we kicked some serious pavement! Now, I'm not really a runner. I workout about five days a week but it consists of five spin classes. To prove a point that spin really does get you into shape, I ran 8.4 miles on Sunday after only running oooooh possibly 10 times this year. Pretty impressive. Not to mention we ran at a 9.28 min per mile pace. 

We have been bumping the mileage up one mile per week. I started running with Emma at mile five. However, during the week, I don't run, I just spin. So, obviously spin must really be keeping me in great shape or else I'm Superwoman. Every week gets colder and colder and with Christmas coming up I took full advantage. I have no outdoor warm running clothes and figured it was the perfect time for me to acquire such clothes. My parents agreed and were thoughtful enough, as to not wanting me to freeze to death, for Christmas to come a little early this year. 

I'm sure I have bragged mentioned about my new favorite workout clothes, Lululemon. No? Ok, well now I'm going to. They are unbelievable. I'm in love. I pretty much want the whole store.  My Christmas presents from my parents are absolutely amazing for outdoor cold weather running and I highly recommend them!

Winter Running Gloves : The most amazing gloves you will possibly own. I left the details and description so you can see all of the snazzy contraptions they have! Plus, they work! I even used the mittens while running into the wind and used the magnet to hold them back while running with the wind to my back. They really were perfect!

But, to get to the real point, post run brunch! Emma had heard about Marlow & Son's through a friend. It really appealed to her for their use in all local ingredients. After a nice steam and shower we headed to Williamsburg to meet Abbey at Marlow & Son's.

Besides from the freezing cold weather, wind chill of 20 degrees, and the windy long trek to Williamsburg to enjoy said post run brunch, it was quite nice. 

Marlow & Son's is located on Broadway between Wyeth and Berry Streets and roughly three blocks from the waters edge, which didn't help much with the chilly breeze.

You enter through this adorable little deli and baker of all locally grown products including sweets, where we unbundled and found Abbey patiently waiting for us. We were seated almost immediately which my body graciously appreciated. The Luna bar post run snack wasn't doing it for me. 

 Photo: NY Mag

The restaurant itself was adorable. It reminded me of a cute little post ski bar where you would drink and be merry. Or just a cute pub in the mountains. I at least felt I wasn't in NYC anymore that's for sure. 

It has a very rustic appearance with a wood ceiling and painted wainscot walls, painted and unpainted. The bar stools and dining stools were very rustic as well some with a painted base and unfinished seat. 

 Photo: NY Mag

 Photo: NY Mag

 Photo: NY Mag

The menu was short and simple. Emma and I both had the special Muffuletta which consisted of three different Italian meats with an olive cheese spread and small side salad. Abbey had the fresh large Market Salad. I believe she stated the lettuce was so good it felt like it was coated in butter?! Abbey help me out here...

The Muffuletta was huge and very tastey I only ate one half which meant, dinner! Sadly, I left it in Emma's bag. Someone got lucky! 

After I was fat and happy, we headed back towards the subway to go home for a nice long needed nap. On the way we stopped to check out Marlow & Daughter's which is the deli and local supply store. 

They had a fantastic array of cheeses, meats and all sorts of condiments, sauces and jams. 


I wish more restaurants would start using locally grown products. It is such a great concept. 
I can't wait until this summer when we can go back with a picnic basket and buy delicious fresh foods for a fabulous picnic in the park! 


  1. Elle-PinkPlainAngelDecember 9, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    I love Lululemon stuff too! It is the best workout clothes ever! I love how ambitious you are with running. I used to run and now just go the gym and work out on the eliptical or EFX machine! I give you lots of credit! Marlow & Sons and Daughters sound amazing! I wish we had places like that around here! Your meal sounded so good! Thanks for the recap! :)

  2. Yup. Butter on lettuce. Someone up there is REALLY trying to make me fat. I mean, I thought I was safe with lettuce, but clearly not.

    Still can't believe you guys ran so much that morning. I had to guilt order the salad because I felt so lame for sleeping and drinking and doing nothing else. And look where that got me - eating an entire tub of butter on my leaves, I'm sure.