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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Owners Table

Last night, actually two nights ago now, I was invited to dine at my friend Adam's new restaurant. The concept is a little different than your everyday average restaurant. What do I mean by that? I mean, it's a Pop Up, also known as a rogue restaurant! Apparently this so called Pop Up restaurant concept is quite popular on the West Coast so Adam and his business partner, Matt, thought it would be a great idea to bring it on over to the Best East Coast!

I brought along two of my girl friends who both live in my hood. We decided to all meet up and walk in the snowy eve to the East Village where The Owners Table had Popped Up! The concept of a Pop Up restaurant is exactly the same as a Pop Up store. However, obviously stores don't need kitchens to cook thus leading Pop Up restaurants to Pop Up in an existing restaurant. The Owners Table is open once a week at a new location every few weeks. The current existing restaurant is Ciao for Now (12th Street location). 

Adam and I went to Oklahoma State University and even had a class together however, we never officially met until moving to NYC. His roommate here in the Big Apple was none other than one of my high school friends! Thus beginning our NYC friendship. 

Monday night was probably one of the coldest nights we have had so far this winter. Not to mention the extreme gusts of wind which made the snow tornado around your head. We were extremely happy to arrive at The Owners Table and receive such a wonderful and warm, in more ways than one, welcome. 

We were seated at a cute little four top and immediately asked what we would like to drink. As I have my big race this weekend, I quit alcohol for the moment so I was sad to say I didn't get to taste any of the wines. Next time I will I promise Adam!

The prix fixe menu consists of four courses. Adam also mentioned that they would adapt the menu to fit any vegetarian needs. 

The first course was an amazing Cauliflower soup with diver scallops, brussels sprout relish and oven roasted almonds. It was perfect for this snowy evening. Almost every bite included a glance outside the beautiful snow covered streets of New York while this warm, buttery, creamy soup coated my mouth, throat and stomach. Insert fireplace and I might never have left.  

The second course was a colorful potato gnocchi on a bed of butternut squash puree, braise pork belly, caramelized brae burn apples topped with pickled Japanese white turnips. Talk about flavor! There were so many different wonderful textures between the soft gnocchi and crunchy apples and turnips to make your taste buds go wild!

The third and main course was a spice crusted lamb loin over a celery root puree topped with roasted fennel, chanterelle mushroom ragout with a huckleberry sauce. It was a delightful main course. My favorite part was when the flavors of the spices and the huckleberry sauce combined in your mouth! 

For the fourth and final course, dessert. Of course! And what better than to top it off with Mario's play on an Irish Car Bomb. It definitely made my belly nice and warm! The combination of the extremely moist cacao stout cake topped with whipped Bailey's cream and house made peanut brittle was to die for. I could have had five but I contained my urge to reach across the table and grab Chelsea's. 

Everything from the concept, location, decor, warm and cozy atmosphere and the amazing food, not to mention to two gorgeous owners, was perfect! Girls I'm talking Colin Farrell and Adrian Grenier gorgeous! 

Adam aka Colin Farrell. 

Congratulations Adam, Matt and Mario on your up and coming success and good luck! I will be sure to visit again! 

Please visit their website for the next Pop Up location for the Owner's Table which will be changing this January. 

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